Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Busted! Linda Ikeji Advertises Fake Kylie Jenner LipKits, Kylie Responds

Busted! Linda Ikeji Advertises Fake Kylie Jenner LipKits, Kylie Responds


Busted! Linda Ikeji Advertises Fake Kylie Jenner LipKits, Kylie RespondsYesterday, Linda Ikeji posted a lengthy advertorial advertising Kylie Jenner’s popular lipkits for prices ranging from eight thousand Naira to twenty five thousand Naira.

A twitter user tagged Kylie Jenner and her cosmetics line twitter handle in a post where she asked if Kylie had truly launched her products in Nigeria.

The 19 year old reality star responded that the news is totally untrue.

As at time of reporting, Linda has not deleted the adverts of the fake products from her blog.

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Likewise, the fake website has been inoperative due to some unknown technical issue.

See screenshots below:

Busted! Linda Ikeji Advertises Fake Kylie Jenner LipKitsBusted! Linda Ikeji Advertises Fake Kylie Jenner LipKits



  1. Lol… Busted! Linda wanted to use that to promote her business but not knowing the owner of that name and face can find out abt it…

  2. Linda Linda how many times did I call you, that 19 years old girl go trash your image ooo , be wise and do what you can carry

  3. Kylie Jenner would have her hands on her chin and be observing Linda apparent stupidity because the former would bury the latter in just one court case against her!!

  4. Na wa….Linda ikeji….y would u promote or even advertise a product on ur blog without d owners consent? do u tink is Nigeria where everything is swept under d carpet?….or is dis a cheap way of promoting ur blog …to claim dat u now deal with foreign counterparts who pay u to promote dia product…u beta b carefull with urself and ur biznx…d white don’t play with lawsuit wen it comes to dis…u know dat…..so u beta tender an apology to ha….b4 she go help u change d ministry wen u suffer to build ..if it was a Nigeria product would u have advertise d real product without collecting money? not to mention d fake product u are promoting…. Linda u beta take tym

  5. Linda has come a long way & achieved a lot to tarnish her image with this cheap fake stuffs. Please, concentrate on your blog & make more money. You’re already filthy rich

    • chinwe u evil no be small…I cant stop laughing,only say na truth na hin u talk…no lips…lets add fake breast, fake buttocks, fake hair, face…infact..linda no tink am well well…lol.

  6. Nigerians….. Small story like this all of una dey wish Linda ikeji bad…DAT means u guys hv been envious of her success….how can u stand with a foreigner as against ur own?…anyways Kylie’s account was hacked,what makes u think Linda’s own wasn’t hacked?…..make una wise naija….be smart with ur thinking

  7. Linda ikeji if I where you I would mind my lips so it’s won’t become ur doom.mind u u re ur success and at d same time your doom.choose wisely.


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