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I Caught My Fiancee Whom I Engaged 2 Weeks Ago Pretending to Be Single Online


A man has shared a story of the annoying thing he caught his fiancee doing on the internet when she didn’t know he was looking.

The man made his narration via @break_or_makeup on Instagram.

According to him, he logged into his Instagram account and found out that his fiancee whom he got engaged only two weeks ago was on break_or_makeup telling people she was single.

He revealed that the woman never knew he saw her comment because he was on the same platform with a fake account.

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Now, he is so infuriated with her actions that he has called off the engagement and broken up with her.

Below is how he put the story:



    • Only fool will engage a woman,for more than 6months .engagement is not marriage,i will marry you is not marriage,

    • Was any time stated there? Can’t we just say the truth and just admit the lady is a liar and attention seeker. Nobody just marry like that, you have to have an engagement then proceed to marriage. If she wanted to be single while accept the guy’s ring in the first place. Let’s be honest for God sake and criticise the lady for lying..

    • Which kind engagement b that? He only saw single status on her Fb. He should swear that since he engaged d lady, he hasn’t met another lady. Nonsense!!!

  1. U better stop poke nosing to ladies fone unelse d engage ll trash not crash… She says she’s to your face or act single then you av a say.

  2. Is engagement marriage? abeg Oga go n see her ppl n do de necessary things Dan u can now talk, cos most of u are using engagement to tie Ladies down dis days

    • So you just marry someone just like that right? Let’s say the truth always.. She was engaged to him and said she was single which is a bad thing to do.. After engagement comes marriage..

    • Osakwe Victor seeing ur girl online does not mean she is dating other men and again engagement is not enough if u want a woman tied to ur waist go see her parent. Some times lack of trust kills relationship not even sometimes the only thing that kills relationship quick is lack of trust

    • Yes Osakwe Victor na so dam de engage abi? if ur not ready for marriage don’t engage her yet haba keep ur handcuffed ring to ur self haba,

    • @ princess jane marriage is for people who are matured in mind both parties has to know each other at least 60% b4 engagement if not some one will be hurt, not only ladies are desperate some men are desperate too

    • Thanx for that advice @ princess Jane. @ Victor I believe engagement shouldn’t take longer period, it should be something of three to six months while preparing for marriage.

  3. even some married women still remain single online, dnt let dat bother u, just ride on and see to it ur car didnt crash

  4. Before is she not single? Oh u are looking for whose destiny u will tie. My dear, not all ladies can be kept waiting. If I were u, I would go n see her pple n start marriage rites. U only engaged her..was her parents there? Ewu Gambia

  5. She still single weather u like it or not, tomorrow u can change your mind, its either u do it once and for all or u stop been jealous

  6. Y don’t u pretend to b a widower hahahaha… Then go marry her,she does that to avoid d story that touches d bone marrow.

  7. It depends on what she is doing online being on line does not mean she is cheating in u and being inline does not mean she is chatting with men after all she has relations she did not fall down from the tree so cut it off

  8. Engagement is not marriage and does not guarantee marriage, so I don’t blame her. After wearing that ring for years he will tell you that the marriage cannot continue.

  9. the social media is another world entirely? things are done there differently from real life. thats d reality.

  10. U engage her not marriage OK Mr lover boy as long as she’s not ur mrs den she’s single ok zombi

  11. Babe u did a very gud thing by leaving ur status as single,cos most men are aba made when it comes 2 relationship.

  12. You’re not yet married so I see no single reason for her to be married online when in reality you’re not even ready. You want her to be driving serious suitors ni

  13. For all i know, it’s either one is single or married…. Word and opposite… That is not an enough reason to break the relationship, you sure do not love enough

  14. Ooohhh! So you wanted her to change her status for a mere engagement, of which you may decide not 2 marry her again. Odiegwu! Better go and perform the marriage rts and stop dreaming . inukwa!

  15. See gbege, but this man is shady too. What was he doing on BOM with a fake account? Probably telling other girls he was single n looking for another girl

  16. I don’t understand self, you don pay her bride price? What if d engagement is cut off? You will now make her look like a fool. Engagement doesn’t confer a married title on her, go do d needful

  17. I think that lady is very wise in her desire coz in my opinion; she did dat just to hasten d guy into marriage coz if he can’t stand d fact dat ppl stil see her “single” nd can’t bear d agony of losin her 2 anoda, den he gotta do sumtin.

  18. off course she is single or have you paid her bride price what if you didn’t marry her tomorrow my guy you better wake up

  19. She remains single until you marry her nwokem. So you want her to change her status to mrs when she is not sure of you? Nwokem bere ebere

  20. Rubbish, you want her to say she is married when u have not paid even bride price or ordinary introduction. Engagement and marriage are they same spelling? She did the right thing cos guys can be funny sometimes, anything can happen.

  21. Of course she is still single until U marry her abi engagement Na marriage? Maka ụmụ nwoke unu dị egwu

  22. Abeg guy, she is not lord of the rings.. Engagement is not marriage, if she matters to you that much, don’t waste your time complaining on media, go to her parents house and do the needful…

  23. MR man to engage is not marriage, in the name of engagement u want to tie the lady down sorry oh was her there when u wear her the cheap ring??? abi na LAGOS marriage una won do???


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