Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Charly Boy and his daughter looking fierce in new photos

Charly Boy and his daughter looking fierce in new photos


Charly Boy is back on our radar. He shared these photos on his Instagram page to promote his new show ‘Charly Boy on the Pulpit’

He is set to co-present with his daughter, Dominique.

See more photos after the cut…



  1. Lack of morals and values just in the name of fame. May be the boy attach to his name is making him to confuse his age. Please tell this man he is old to be an example to his family.

  2. If she doesn’t take after d dad den one has to question d partenity of d babe…for real she is d real daughter

  3. Hahaha I do see this guy riding bike with is witch wife everyday inside abuja ,their family is something else

  4. If not for d daughter lipstick, I almost ask who is d lady among them… Nothing impress me about his life, I even no nothing about him dan living n Lagos n once n okada rider…

  5. Most times when I look myself on d mirror I feel ugly but looking at this people right now mehn.. I feel lucky They are ugly beyond words

  6. Wetin na… u won kiss her? E no reach u do o cus seriously speakin I DÖNT understand ur way of life @ all i must say u luk nice both u n ur daughter luks lyk u r 4rm d ape family

  7. All of u saying d daughter is ugly na lie she is beautiful even wid her hair cut she still luks beautiful

  8. The lady is beautiful even with her low cut she is still cute. One thing in life is that everyone choose the way they want to live their life. He choose to live his life like this BC it makes him happy just like we all live the life that makes us happy. Let’s leave people to their ways plz thanks to u all my friends

  9. Nawa oooo this is becoming serious… Does this family want to become the first Nigeria family of dooms? Like father Mother and daughter

    • if na bobrisky abi na wetin den dey call am, u wil nt say let God be d judge, God does nt care abt anybody fame or respectant of anyone, they re chaos, except u av stop knowing d diff blw ur left hand & right, then support their way of life

  10. Losers keep hating you for everything you do. Unique people gat brands so if you are without brand, let the branded lead their life and please shove your hate down your gullet.

  11. Ooh father Oh Daughter… Oh father Oh Daughter… den den den den,This is super story, This is super storyyyyy (singing)

  12. Charly boy or charly daddy? Abeg when will this boy become man? Charly boy charly boy yet you are over 50 you better grow up

  13. This is what we are saying…this government is making almost very body lose their mind.. Now, imagine! Father & daughter Don join them…Oh lord, pls have mercy.

  14. Are u sure did old shameless man is not sleeping with his daughter??? Why holding her dt way???

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