News Charly Boy Mocks 2Face Over Cancellation of Scheduled Nationwide Protest

Charly Boy Mocks 2Face Over Cancellation of Scheduled Nationwide Protest


Veteran entertainment personality and the self-style ‘Area Father’ Charles Oputa a.k.a. Charly Boy is well known for his social activism and he was one of the first celebrated artistes to back the African Queen crooner on his mission to embark on a nationwide protest.

On hearing that the singer had backed out, citing security and public safety concerns, the Area Father reacted and mocked “ The struggle to overcome political insanity, audacious impunity and mindless looting in Nigeria took a negative hit last night not just because Tuface Idibia called off the 6th of February, 2017 protest; because most of the demons we are fighting against hijack the people’s protest and anger at the establishment.”

His full post reads as thus: The TuFace Cancelled Protest. The Struggle to overcome Political Insanity, Audacious impunity and Mindless looting in Nigeria took a Negative hit last night not just because Tuface Idibia called off the 6th of February, 2017 Protest; because most of the demons we are Fighting against hijack the Peoples Protest and Anger at the Establishment.

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We must not Trivialize the Struggle because it is the Emancipation of the Nigerian Mind.
President Muhammadu Buhari is not the Problem of the Nigerian State and this is not excusing his Failures.

The Nigeria Political Elite are Vampires Feeding off the Blood of a Willing and Docile Populace.
They Loot Because we Hail; The Celebration of Ibori in Delta State Yesterday and Across the Country Typifies the Insanity of our Stupidity and eternal Problem of the Nigerian Struggling Populace.
Now we retreat to regroup and replan and we will lock hands to synchronise our objectives.

For me, it is #ALUTAETERNAL, because If we no plan well things no go work well.

No be everybody get that kin heart to stand tall when jungle mature.

The real tsunami it’s coming, and no doubt I will be on the front line.

I will take the First Bullet; let my body be the first to drop; Let my Blood be the first to wash our LANDS.

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Will the Nigeria youth back a Full Blooded Peaceful Political Mass Revolution at the Federal, State and Local Government Level?

I doubt. But, I no go give up on my children, The Coalition of the Frustrated, Angry and Hungry, as well as this country that I love.
We must sustain the pressure and cannot turn back as the Revolution Continues.

We must begin to resist political insensitivity and mindless looting of our common wealth. I, AreaFada will fight so fear will no longer cripple my people.
Our MUMU don reach last bus-stop.

And before we go start to chop sand sand, we go enter street and purge our lands of political dictatorship, oppression, poverty and corruption.
We must not walk/work alone or we will fail miserably.

The Nigerian politician is our eternal enemy; The Nigerian people are the willing victim and it is time to channel our angero peacefully towards making governance work work for us not against us.



    • Too funny Abeg make una no let me laugh my rips cut oooo, lord of d ring,i support 2baba for backing off d protest, all dis niga people for do oda tins take put big problem for he head oooo trust no one aleast for taking d step he tried, I like dat. abeg if Charlie man abi na wetin b he name, no dey satisfy make he carry on for were my tubaba stop.

  1. Show Me The Grave Of The Brave And I Will Show You The House Of The Coward…! Blaming 2face for calling off the protest means venting anger in the wrong direction, he has a young family to cater for, he could be killed in the process, the matter will only linger for a while and we’ll all move on again with our lives. We may only attend his funeral on social media by paying tribute to him and blaming the FG as been tyrannical as if we don’t already know. Nobody will agree to die with him. He took a wise decision, where is Ken Sarowiwa and Isaac Boro? 2face took a brave and bold decision to have chickened out, after all Ojukwu with all his military might ran away during the civil war and nobody called him a coward. The moment the protest was politicised, I knew the NP will stop at nothing to ensure that it doesn’t see the limelight. Let 2face be a coward for his family.

  2. What is these bobrisky’s father saying. At least he took a bold step, what have you done than teaching our boys how to Pierce. Shameless idiot what a disgrace to manhood. I look at ur face u look exactly like Buffy the vampire

  3. Una no know wetin dis guy would have faced that made him to cancel the protest just like that!!..At least he was courageous enough to initiate it!!

  4. You Charley boy, what were you doing when 2baba came up with the idea? Why didn’t you came up with it then? And some of us the youths it seems we have lost our sense of reasoning. So you guys don’t know if that protest was heard, they might just hired some of their thugs or herdsmen to be amoung the ground so that voilent and killings can take place? And at the end they will put it on him saying we warned him before. Before you know it the guy go dey behind bars and me and you go dey go our daily business and other activities. To me the calling off of the protest is a wise decision.

  5. Charly boy go and seat down I no no say u still dey exit. When u where doing zoom program collecting fat envelope from the politicians nko…. Because tuface didn’t come and prostrate for u and Femi kutie. He is brave than u

  6. U took the right step @ 2face, u have a family to charter for. Stay alive for them. It’s a free world let whoever want to mock, mock. @Charley u can continue from where he stops brave man.

  7. Whether Tuface protest hold or not at least he has create an impact, he has sent the message.

  8. PAPA bobrisky watin concern you…..why dnt you go and do your own……with your yansh face

  9. When Nigeria police say hoodlums are planning to hijack the protest and cause mayhem, believe me, if there are no hoodlums on the day of the protest, Nigeria police will manufacture hoodlums and cause the mayhem. 2baba is just an entertainer not an undertaker.. He was right to have cancel the planned protest.. He actually saved alot of lives. #IstandwithNigeria

  10. All of una when dey curse Charley boy, una bother to open and read wetin e talk or una dey yarn based on the headline because e nor talk anything bad to warrant this yabbings

  11. Why the abuse on charly boy.I have come to realise that most people just read the headlines in these articles without bothering to read the contents cos if u do u won’t be trowing these abusive words around.pls always try to read the contents cos even Charley boy is ready to continue with the struggle

    • Don’t mind them before 2face decide to embark on the protest he should have known what he is about to embark on.

    • I tire o..they will not open link and Read b4 vomiting trash..sha name by force to comments.after reading head lines as usuall..mteeeeew

  12. 2face indeed he chickened out at the last minute too bad for his reputation he shouldn’t have embark on a failed journey

  13. I knew it was going to come this. But I believed 2baba really wanted to stage a protest against bad governance. Whatever it is #istandwith2baba

  14. Agbaya why not continue from your he stopped instead of mocking him. Carry placard to Abuja.

  15. I never know u can be foolish to this level… Charley boi attention seeker.. We have noticed you Mr whatever your name is, now go back to the hole you came from.. 2baba is still more man enough than your generation could ever be. #Agbaya agbajatiti

  16. 2FACE – ONLY ME Verse 1 If to say na just me e e e I’ll be living like i dont care Live my life unto nobody dey here If na just me e e e,i’ll be doing anyhow Because nobody go dey here to challenge me Nobody is supernatural,diverse is the spirit of the carnival Your personality e no matter at all Individuality cannot make us tall I sing,i sing for all of y’all Dont let anybody push you to the wall Na community na hin make us all Secret society na hin break us all I dont want to be talking like a preacher at all I dont want to dey like say i sabi pass all I know say no be everybody sabi play ball But arise O’ Compatriots If nigeria call So make you just dey do your thing Make i do my thing If i like living instead of to be feeling like a king on top nothing Stop the braggin And stop the posing Cuz all na vanity vanishing Chorus Ma lo ro pe omo pe iwo ni kan lo ma lowo Ma lo ro pe no be gbogbo wa wey go make this money Verse 2: Who get ear make dem hear No go tell anybody say you see me for here If na only me you know say i no go dey care Just like everybody i wish life is fair Only me.There would be no one here for we to dare Nobody to follow me scatter money in the air No one to lean on in times of despair Too much of everything but no one to share it with It will be only me going to cinema No girl friend to tell once in a while to say free me ma But know i gat Funke elenu and chidera Plus am not the only superman in the area So make you just do your thing Make i do my thing If like living instead of to be feeling like a king,on top nothing Stop the bragging And stop the posin Because you know say all na vanity vanishing Chorus Ma lo ro pe omo pe iwo ni kan lo ma lowo Ma lo ro pe no be gbogbo wa wey go make this money(2x) If to say na just me e e(4x) Nobody go hear my story Nobody complaining Unto,not just me Thats why we need love and unity So i sing say say Chorus Ma lo ro pe omo pe iwo ni kan lo ma lowo Ma lo ro pe no be gbogbo wa wey go make this money(3x) If to say na just me e e If to say na just me e e If to say na just me e e

  17. To me the protest indirectly took place because his voice has been heard my the government

  18. The fact that you don’t like charley boy does not mean he’s got nothing to offer. Unlike most of you who took to insulting 2face, he(area fada) didn’t do such. Rather he spoke like a brave man in pain whose right is been deprived of and who is willing to fight until his last breath to regain this right and just governance not for himself but for his children who literally are you and I (the youths of this generation ). Don’t allow hate/dislike misguide your conception. And please try to open the link, read carefully and understand the message before ranting. If you still think that what he said is not good enough then I will recommend you to a renowned primary school to go start all over for you’ve got nothing but trash to offer our beloved country unlike Charley boy who has got a lot more than you #stopthehate #youspokewellcharley #let’s make Nigeria a better place

  19. Charlie papa stupid old satanist. Go n hide ur old face in shame. 2face is far better n braver than you.

  20. Who is this Charley boy self? 2BABA don’t just mind somebody that has mental disorder… He needs a brain check-up

  21. DAT 2face is a fuck up… he can’t die for his nation…..just ordinary threat he backed up……didn’t he see fela…fake boy

    • Y can’t you go and lead the protect and die for your nation…and see what the pple you lead will say all they will say is that”shebi na him won protect and him do see protect” so bro just encourage him not abuse him thanks bro

  22. This one that don’t know what he is doing.. If better people are mocking 2face this one should keep quiet abeg.. See how he looks like Oracle smh!!!

  23. One minute silence for those who are saying he has family to cater for! He didn’t realize that b4 making dat kind of announcement??? U pple should receive sense ijn

  24. Mocking each others does not help the recession in Nigeria is too much any day this protest is been hosted every Nigerians should no it a peaceful protest not a Bad one

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  26. Charly boy did not mock tuface. He gave an explanation that politicians like Fayose have hijacked the main purpose of the protest so they are restrategizing otherwise lives will be lost.

  27. @d lord of d ring call charly boi or worefa,go de pay ur tight and give money t beggers on street with D’s ur gay business, ao dere u open ur mouth n talk abt tubaba lyk dat,thank God say I no near u,u need t visit mental asylum, matured fool,#istandwithtubaba

  28. 2face no try. FG. don negotiate via giving him. money. he has been paid heavily and he bcks off. leaving the masses he brought out. in the middle of the sea

  29. Na lack of data dey make some people dey insult person way old enough to be una grand papa, …. Yeye children

  30. He started a fight he know he can’t finish. I knew he can’t accomplish His mission. But is a shame

  31. This Nigerian ppl eh. The Charlie abi na yali dey do lyk sai no b Nigeria he too dey. Y e no come up with d protest as tubaba cancel eim own. U sit der lyk mug dey even get mouth complain

  32. Old fool at least there is no harm in trying ….you tell us the effort that you make with your stupid money

  33. Does charly boy think its a phonographic movie shoot 2 face was going for? Him wan come join body abegg 2face leave him to go on ur behalf maybe God wants to give a visa to leave planet earth cos him own don too much mk him go na dem go just shoot for that him condemned anus # celebration of life # go be him case

  34. U guys mocking 2 baba don’t know wat he might be going through, do u know if he was threatened , or do u even know if the video where he cancelled the protest was not out of duress, as for me I accept his decision because a living dog is better than a dead Lion

  35. Fellow Nigerians, pls I suggest that from henceforth let’s forget abt these so called celebrities and their Shows, CDs since we their so called fans are worthless and useless to them. Let them buy their CDs and let their family members go for their shows. #selfishnigeriancelebrities

  36. So he should go and protest when his life may also be lost in d protest. Do u rem fela? Abeg tuface no go oooo. Ur wife and ur children will be so heart broken. No mind Charly boy….. I wonder y he didn’t lead a group to protest.

  37. We all no u as a controversial person so let jux over look u.atlist u came out #wehdon Sir

  38. To round it up who no say 2baba wen jux dey start life wit him lovely wife no try becos he cancelled protest, wen dem won use take put dis celebrity for problem, shud pls Abeg in d name of God wit my kneels on ground continue from were he stopped, nd can decide also to die for d nation becos na Christ he b

  39. How dis old man Charlie papa dey feal Self, no shame agent of Satan hell is waiting for u, u no no ur self


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