General Cheating husband beaten by wife’s family after he was caught naked in...

Cheating husband beaten by wife’s family after he was caught naked in bed with mistress


A cheating husband faced the wrath of his wife’s family after they allegedly caught him in bed with another woman.

A footage posted on Youtube shows several of the wife’s family members punch and kick the cheat who was totally naked as his half-naked lover cowers on the bed.



  1. Had it been the man learnt to zip up, this wouldn’t have happened. It serves him right and for the mistress, she got what she deserves

    • @kush bishop al ur comment so far is ful of hate no 1 force their opinion on u nd ur name was nt mentioned so y so much bitternes in ur words abeg dis is a media pple wil say wat they lyk nd dats none of ur biznes except u re a womanizer nd a cheat cuz it seems na u it pain pass

  2. Hmmm,if the man was able to leave what was under the skirt, he would not have received a beating from the girls family.

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    • Na your type abi? U and dat cheating husband get luck, if na my relations, friends or someone I know I will employ people that wil deal with una from highest place. Ask some from river line state how they came to master with swimming and river at young age. Similar way to deal with people like u. Chimpanzee in human body.

    • Next, time dont mind you business, go about reading and interfering with other people’s comments as if everyone are not entitle to his or her opinion. If your are cheating spouse pray you don’t get people of our kind or people in our group because we knows best how to humble your uncontrollable manhood and even make you teddy bear in your own house. Nonsense, men without respect to their marriage and marital vows . Things under pant will surely humble you to respect woman or you risk to hate it.

    • Orok Ekaette image that boy calling me an idiot in a post that is not even his page. Well, make I do Christmas fu him tuday. Let me see his ID comment under my post next time.

  4. He deserves it, his wife’s family caught him not d wife take note and read it well, next time he sees a girl greeting him good morn he wont answer, to avoid suspicion

    • R u okay? Or u r suffering from opinionated issues, r u mad r u d man dey caught? Wat nonsense is dat, did i call ur name, pls park well and package ur useless life to ur family. Useless fool

  5. Have never see diz kind family before ooo, maybe dem dey smoke oshogbo weed for dat family, somehow funny, the man wount do dat again in his lyf

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  7. That is what you get when you are poor married to a rich family Guy take heart And make money ,

  8. He should have been disgrace and paraded in the street naked to know the implication of what he has done because the beaten he received is not enough for him and the marriage might even lead to divorce


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