Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Check out how former beauty queen rocked her NYSC uniform (photos)

Check out how former beauty queen rocked her NYSC uniform (photos)


Ikechukwu Onyinye who won the Face of CandyCity Nigeria title in 2015 switched up her NYSC outfit and looked cool…‎

See more photos below…



  1. Lol… NYSC uniforms have suffered. Chai! NYSC corpers who are ladies have started giving their uniform different styles that will please them.. I don’t knw if the authorities are aware of this… Well, when will an NYSC guy give his uniform a style so that other guys can copy from. Since the new way of wearing an NYSC uniform is by giving it a style that will pls u…

  2. Back when I was in Benue for my service a colleague of mine was given an extension because of this shit. You don’t dress like this with your nysc kits. I feel if her Li see this she might be warned..

  3. Hmmmmm, please are the NYSC authorities doing about how corpers are bastardising the NYSC uniforms at will. This is a total disgrace to all Nigerians

  4. This type of nonsense, is the reason why Nigeria certificate worth nothing to other countries.

  5. This is absolute nonsense. It is call UNIFORM. Just like when u re dressed up in any of the force uniform u just have to respect d purposed at which it was created or meant for. If am suppose to be DG of NYSC i swear she will repeat her service year with appropriate way at which she is suppose wear the uniform. Lets forget d fact that she is a beauty Queen she deserves punishment according to NYSC constitution. If stuffs like this is not controlled now the worst will be done with that KAKI. I neve wore mine lik that nd was proud wearing it. It an opportunity and the grace of God for u to be able to wear it so dont spoil d grace.

  6. She should go and learn how to rock the seven pieces better not by this rope on her neck…..NYSC uniform iyaff suffer.

  7. I don’t fink she ll d have the nerves to wear this to cds or even clearance… Its possible she just wore it at home to snap pics for publicity stunt…

  8. It is high time the NYSC authorities take further necessary actions / sanctions against such erring corpers who bastardised the NYSC uniforms, with immediate effect

  9. NYSC authorities should do some something about this uniform so that this nonsense will stop rubbish

  10. At wat age are u serving, c young girls are in service(nysc)very clean without such disgrace shit.


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