News Checkout photos of two mansions in Dubai owned by Diezani Alison-Madueke

Checkout photos of two mansions in Dubai owned by Diezani Alison-Madueke


Former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, is alleged to be the owner of two mansions located in Dubai.

According to Sahara Reporters, the buildings are worth 74m Dirham.




    • Hw did u know d money that were used to build these mansion were stolen ones? What are ur proofs

    • A former minister that was accused of corrupt practises would raise the suspicion of using stolen money to have such a worthless and needless houses!!

    • Well, bcos she was accused doesn’t mean she can’t live a Gud life… Being accused doesn’t mean u have to live poor… Hw did u know she didn’t work to get that money to build such mansions… So, if u were in her shoes, u will say since ppl knew u were accused, that means u won’t spend large and live a Gud life,just to pls ppl?

    • It would have been more appropriate if she had used some of the money to set up a factory for the youth in her area to benefit from it.. GOD have mercy!

    • Why is it that anytime it is said that so so rich person did this with a huge sum of money for personal use, they always fire back. What nonsense? Are u trying to tell me that she didn’t help people and is still helping people. What is ur headache in her wealth? So bcos there are youths in her country that have no job, that means she should empty her account and bcome mother of Nigeria Abi! Why can’t we go and work for our own and leave people who are already wealthy to enjoy their wealth in peace, for God sake. Ha Nigerians! Well, when it’s ur turn, do Mrs good for d whole youths in ur country and don’t enjoy the reward of ur labour, ok! Abeg, leave her alone, let her enjoy the reward for her labor… Thanks @Margie

  2. If u dont knw where to spend ur money come and share it to people in nigeria becos many people has not eating today in nigeria

  3. 6billion gini? Abeg diezani where are you, I am not greedy, just 1m, That’s all am asking from you. #winks

  4. Some people ll labour all dia life not knowing who ll eventually inherits their property… It may not even be their family member… Vanity.. I gat no worry

  5. Am sorry for nigeria! These days they will steal money and say is Diezani. May looking at the picture am very sure that those houses are not in Dubai ! Like it or not no politician in nigeria is free of corruption! 90% of APC are former PDP, so my people what is going on is political warfare not no corruption fight! It time for you nigerians to wake your common sense! Why are they saying this now just because Diezani has started to say the truth they quickly rush take some picture of some house and told you its dubai owned property of Diezani and you start jumping around please in the interest of record and history let them present their evidence to nigerians at least and stop showing us some houses and property without no documentation and proof!

  6. Nonsense, u will soon get tired of propaganda, bitterness and campaign of calumny. The former honorable minister has sacrificed her very best for this nation and God will continue to protect her.

  7. Since the discovery of all these has Nigeria improved in their economy. Instead the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. When u point at person with one finger 4 others are pointing at u. U cant be a saint. The bigmen in this country now are the APC and if u re not, they will label u a thief overnight. This kind of sentimental leadership is unjust

  8. These are the main people causing recession in naija. You guys should sell the house & use it to reduce this recession

  9. Theif luk at the mansion you hvt at another man, country while Nigerian are dying dying dere,is,God,oh.


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