Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Chi-chi Igbo flaunts her firm abs…

Chi-chi Igbo flaunts her firm abs…


Chi-Chi Igbo, a retired Danish Nigerian footballer flaunted her abs on her social media page.

It would sure give some guys a run for their money.




  1. Amazing but i dnt really like women with abs, it dosent even fit them, i dnt pray to have a girl like that, she go come dey beat me for house lolzzzz

  2. I tell you what,the day I actually saw this lady abs I was impressed but I was even more impressed with the manly features that she has…Even bobrisky will be impressed

  3. So her suppose of this pix na to show say she get and some men no get abs abi clap for yoursef This lady is so disgustine i mean what is this go see better models way dey work out them no look like zuma rock you cum and cum here and post trash..

    • Who tell you say dis one get bride price again? U go hear say him (she) don be baby mama

  4. Flaunting abbs, you look ridiculous and so much like a man, who her how many packs her mtchewwwwwwww

  5. These guys no get anything worth hearing to say. Next, them go post woman with beards as breaking news!

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  7. If she like make she get 10…if don’t give a damn..I wonder the type of man dat will marry her…

  8. Pls since Bobrisky is a woman and Chichi is now a man i believe they will make a good couple.

  9. She no get breast? nawa ooooo, What kind of disgusting stature is this? She’s even exposing it, anyway, she no get choice, maybe she’s not being appreciated, but no im be the reason to open ur body in public, no sense of decency.

  10. oh Chi Chi Igbo! I remember watching her come on as a substitute in one of the falconet’s match sometime around 2006 or 2007

  11. Wow…..for real she look like a man o…… Guys pray not to hav a girl like dis….or else she wil beat u to death

  12. If she like make she get 8packs,age is no longer on her side with the whole lot of money she has

  13. Jesu!!!….which man wan marry this 1?….bobrisky will marry her,she will be d man,bobrisky will be d woman

  14. Nigerians,must we abuse her?if you don’t like her lifestyle why not waka pass nawaooo even people wey she beta pass go dey bad mouth her.

  15. Wahala dey this world o, some once to change from girls to boys why some from boys to girls. God have mercy

  16. u flaunting ur abs and u proud of it comparing urself to DAT of a man,my dear u should have opened d upper ab on your chests ,to complete d abs after all its part of d abs

  17. She likes what she does for a living and she’s not asking for anyone’s opinion. Why taking drugs on another person’s headache?

  18. hmm na Baba GOD go help us for dis world o guy wan be lik gal,gal wan be lik boy.hmm sorry to say u still gt pussy or nt make we no o

  19. see body! Godforbid wetin devil like!! six pack na world cup? the girl belike who swallow one tipper of stone


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