News Child dies after abuse by his father and step-mother in Bayelsa (horrific...

Child dies after abuse by his father and step-mother in Bayelsa (horrific photos)


According to Wariebi Sapere-Obi, who posted the photos on Facebook, the young boy was brought into CHEW (children emergency) FMC Yenagoa dead.

He claimed it was as a result of torture by the boy’s father and his wife (victims step mum).

How can you do this to a child? See more horrific photos after the cut…



  1. As far as God live, this childs father and the step mum will never see God and human favour, amen.

  2. And those people think that they will go scot free for being accessory to crime, if the court did not punish them, then heavenly court will punish him because he that live by the sword, dies by the sword. Rip boy

  3. They went too far now…..father and step mother get ready o…coz this child is definitely gonna hunt u guys down

  4. Some women are just heartless when it comes to someone else child and d man is senseless man for allowing his child be treated this way in his home. For me I can’t even imagine myself leaving my baby for another woman to train cos dis world is indeed wicked. RIP BOY

  5. I made a vow no one will ever raise my child as long as I’m alive.. only a mother knows the pain of her own child. So sad RIP

  6. umm.. what a world.. pls the married whatever it is work things out and stay in your marriages and take care of your own children together with your spouse.. you can’t tell how they will handle your beloved child.. RIP son

  7. Wen God is punishing some people you won’t know what they av done… God am humble b4 u

  8. Some men are jst incompetence n senseless….hw would a woman push u till u beat ur own son to dealth

  9. All these is part of wickedness.. I thank God my mama is still alive,she never left us aside for another woman to train us.. I thank God for that…! Many children there mother are dead are suffering,they world prefer to die instead of suffering the way they are doing in another woman’s hand.. God will have many case to judge. Wickedness is what fill up in this world,people been killed out of greedy and wickedness.. Rip Little Boy,i wish ur spirit is so powerful to come and fight back for u.. Rip..

  10. Den don kill person;people still dey murder English.Somebody just dropped a comment like “…people are so INCOMPETENCE and senseless”.

    • This is something similar to d one pple started raining comment on u concerning annie idibia, i thought many said is bad belly to say some stepmothers re chameleon, now their tune has change to raining causes on d woman just bcos it was posted above as saying stepmother & father killed their child, my emphasis tho is there is no holier than thou stepmother or human as a whole, what d world present to u is what u see, bt can never uncover d inner strategical nature of humans whether deem good or bad

  11. useless father,if dis was d way ur own father treated u when u where at that age would u have been alive today? n u gud for nothing step shegoat,u beta start asking for Gods mercy orelse i pity ur children’s life.foolish parentsd,u both think that u will live for ever abi? Never,u too will die one day n go to hell

  12. Ooooh my God,,may the soul of the little boy rest in peace,but mark it that the man and his woman will never knw peace till they die

  13. nawo,nothing like your real mother oh that woman is very heartless even his father self mtcheww woman rapper like him

  14. May the suffering of hell,and earth be unto the father and the God rejected stepmother….it’s shall not be well with them

  15. My dear mother I can not stop thanking you for staying beside me and my siblings, even when the world is hard on u. U are d best mum in the world

  16. Too bad. I don’t know what they stand to gain. They would have rather take good care of him & when he becomes something tomorrow, he’ll help them

  17. The best thing to do is to tie them together with the boy for 21 days… No food.. No water and watch them join their ancestors… Wicked father and step skeleton

  18. For me I can’t even imagine myself leaving my baby for another woman to train cos dis world is indeed wicked. RIP BOY

  19. That step animal is nothing but a demonic wicked witch as for the useless husband shall die by hanging


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