Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Chioma Akpotha Goes After Gideon Okeke For Slamming Chiwetalu Agu

Chioma Akpotha Goes After Gideon Okeke For Slamming Chiwetalu Agu


Yesterday, Gideon Okeke, took to Instagram to slam veteran actor, Chiwetalu Agu, over his incessant use of vulgar words in movie roles.

Chioma Akpotha has fired back at Gideon for disrespecting the veteran actor.

Read what she wrote below.



  1. No respect for elderly person he fought for n stood on ground for d good of Igbo film now you re disrespecting him.

  2. I see this yesterday and am in total support of what Chioma just said. The idiot guy wants to look tough and badass not knowing he’s just a fool looking for cheap attention and publicity.. Well said Chioma..

  3. I don’t even know whom this Gideon Okeke is… but Chiwele Agu is d main reason I watch naija movies… If he had something to say he should talk about indecent dressing, kissing and sexual scene in nollywood.

  4. That Gideon should careful on how to talk to Chiwetalu Agu, what he says is it worse than what Lil Kesh talks with his mouth in his so called songs

    • I can c dat u’re uncultured and I’ll mannered I Neva uttered one word of insult and u tell me to shut up I do knw lilkesh,he’s a musical act.u should work on ur immaturity

    • And you should be reasonable enough to know what I said about Lil Kesh isn’t a false statement, and another thing you should know is that I never insulted you, unless its only your place that regards “shut up” as insult. Do not call me uncultured. Anyway; sorry for the shut up

  5. okeke u r a stupid fool u no get Papa mumu who no u idiot how dare u open ur dirty mouth n talk to dis man aniorfia

  6. Leave dis Mumu Gideon…..e fink say na to at STAGE PLAY TINSEL….e shud cum n visit babalawo housse 2times if e no go die

  7. Gideon should simply beg chinweta Agwu to show him where he gets what made him out standing in a polite way and I trust he would have showed him d way but u know mist of this young guys with pride instead of asking the right way they come with insult

  8. Don’t knw y some people like seeking cheap attention, well said chioma. I love watching chiwetalu Agụ movies. Wat nonsense.. Arọ nyọrọ onye ọzọ esigbue mụ

  9. Yea….like i said before….Daddy Chinwetalu Agu is not ur age mate….even if u av to correct him, not dix way

  10. Via Gideon if I slap u ehhhhh. Hmmm. Latest slang. Parish priest ewerela ego UKA we mee MMM. I laf forget my sorrow

  11. Pls nobody should talk to my brother chiwetala Agu anyhow pls, I just wish I will get a chance to meet him.. Like father like son

  12. Bia whatever you call yourself. I really don’t know what gave you that impetus to talk to this legend the way you did. Well, I don’t really blame you, just know that your downfall has started, unless you ask for forgiveness. You are just a proof of amateur actor. With you face like scratch card and your shoulder like hanger. Olodo Oshi. Okponu Oshi. Oloriburuku, omoale jatiti Oshi.

  13. Mr. Gideon, You lack the moral conscience to judge our veteran actor. What do you explain about the sexy scenes that your type (Gideon) enjoy doing in roles assigned to you. You should be ashamed of yourself. I think you should be careful with your comments. You don’t get popular by insulting the intelligence of a veteran actor like Chiwetaluagu

  14. That is how this foolish Gideon pulled stupid stunt on Tonto and she gave him the relegation of his lfe… he still didnt learn anything. when you are not relevant in what you do, you look for ways to bring down those that matter. you are very stagnant Mr. please grow up its 2017 already.

  15. Don’t mind him because he is now acting so he thinks he can say anything rubbish that bombs out of his stupid mind how dare him doesn’t he have a father who gave him the permission a butterfly in the industry

  16. All these celebrities self….. abeg wetin com concern me na self…. make I go read another news jare

  17. well Gideon is right because it’s affecting the mentality of our kids. For those of you who don’t know Gideon, he’s an actor in Tinsel. An Alist actor. And it’s high time Nigerians started watching good movies and not the cheaper by the dozen nonsense. And then Chioma should think of upgrading herself.

    • so u’ll let ur kids sit down and watch Gideon kissing and displaying sexual acts? ways ur definition of a good movie?

    • Rendy please take my advice “stop smoking weed its not good for you” so you allow your kids to watch movie made for adult you must be out of your senses

    • Movie says 18 why allow ur kids watch child social services shd be knocking on ur door. Also wen u start acting I will comment on ur other part abt Chioma. Stay in ur Lane n remain blessed.

    • I’m not a fan of popular opinion, so I don’t expect any one of you here to share my taste. however, I have a right to express my own opinion by making my own comment. and not criticising other people’s comments. 9f course I don’t expect a better attitude from fans of an actor like chiwetalu and chioma. I seriously don’t envy fans of such. I’m still very much on my lane.

  18. See this monkey telling chioma to shut up, who d hell do u think u are, Mr Agu is the no1 reason I watch Nollywood movies, bia Christy or What you call urself pack well oo,,,

  19. The man his person we should give respect to, Because he always putting smile on people faces. Apologize before is too late.

  20. Gideon needs to bring the following items to appease the gods before 7 eke market day…. (1) 3 skeletons of a female mosquito. (2) 5 baskets filled with crocodile tears (3) 1 teeth of soldier ant (4) grey hairs of a monkey & (5) the intestines of a housefly.

  21. Good for that Gideon of a guy…does he not know that the vulgarity of his words.. Add flavor to movies…?

  22. D stupid Gideon thinks he’s better off abi. Chinwetalagu is my main man any time any were

  23. Na only toughing body, romanse, kissing u sabi, wid yur dull acting. U watch dat man movie even wen u were still playing ball on the street. Now u open dat yur wide thing call mouth to insult dat man. U’re just make fool of yur self. Go & apologize to dat man b4 he will use dat yur big head to design one word for u.

  24. Gideon Gidie abi Gulder (drink) watever ur name is pls stay in ur Lane. U can’t even act with ur 2 edeged horn u called head. Behave n respect ursef. Haba he is a comedian not kabukabu like u abeg I no won insult u cus I letf tinsel 4 u n now u won ko disturb my peace. Wen u even start acting Wey u dey talk education n not entertainment. There is TV parent guide to stop children watching plus most of his movies says 18. In fact don’t let me slap u oo

  25. I like chinwetala Awgu dearie,Abeg pack well,isi na afagi bu gideon or gudeon Ekwesu eromansia mamiwatern….Protutun Ear dika gi.


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