Entertainment News Chris Brown And Tyson Beckford Fight Over Karrueche!

Chris Brown And Tyson Beckford Fight Over Karrueche!


You may have thought that having a daughter would help Chris Brown put his ‘gang’ lifestyle behind him. NOPE.

Chris felt some type of way about Karrueche hanging out with Tyson Beckford and took to social media to let his feelings (and threats) be known.

How its all started…

Beckford and Karrueche shared a photo(above) together while they were both down at the Palms Casino Resort partying in Las Vegas. The caption seemed innocent right? “Saturday with @Karrueche #vegas #palms #blasian,” Beckford wrote.

Apparently, the picture rubbed Brown the wrong way. One of his homies, Kid Red, posted on Instagram a very threatening message directed towards Beckford.

“MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND aka the ni**as will be out .. We just came to party tho, unless a ni**a wanna try us,” he wrote in the now deleted post. “And that includes u model ni**as *Cough Cough #TysonBeckFord we see everthing LiL ni**a” #DontPlayYaSelf #CedarBlocka #FruitTownPiru #OHB #FillmoeNi**asDoItAll @tysoncbeckford”

Brown also chimed in with “U know how we get down!” but that tweet was deleted too. And then in a more violent tweet (now deleted as well), he wrote subliminal shots at Beckford. This is going a bit too far.

Then a few hours later, in an apparent response, Tyson, 44, shared a video on his Instagram account of himself shooting an AR15 (a high powered assault rifle) with the caption, ‘Just in case you forgot!’

Then, as if goading Chris, wrote on twitter: ‘@officialchrisbrown it’s all about fun in vegas. Come thru papa.’

Not done there he then took to Facebook, posting a video  denying he was afraid.

The model said: ‘You n***s are on my dick right now, you think I’m scared of y’all, really?’



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