News Christian Secondary School Principal Brutalises Student for Being Absent in School

Christian Secondary School Principal Brutalises Student for Being Absent in School


A Facebook user  Utibe Michael Akpan on Monday shared photos of her brother who was beaten in the worst way possible by his school principal for being absent in school.

“Imagine what the principal of Christian Secondary Commercial School at Obio Imo did to my brother’s back because he couldn’t make it to school. The man didn’t even bother to find out if d boy was sick or didn’t have transport,” Utibe wrote.

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She also shared an SMS sent by the principal, identified as E.O. Esedeke to her dad. See below:

Dear Mfon (victim), this is notify you that you are to attend lessons everyday in the school. You didn’t attend on Friday and Saturday. You have (been) penalised. You will receive the penalty on monday. Thanks
From E.O.Esedeke
Your principal.



  1. this thing doesn’t looks lik this child was flog in school looks like a confraternity flogin

    • How can wu make a very stronge certain of what happened, you where not even there, or are you now one of them, by tellin which is which?

    • mcheww are u that blind,so if they tell u now that this boy was flogged by a teacher u will. believe tell that to the birds

  2. When teachers are angry over none payment of salary… Even if na cough u cough in d class u will b punished.. The teacher no try pls..

  3. Our schools needs to be properly enlightened, on how to train their pupils whenever they do things wrong, such act does not speak good of our educational system, its bad and its poor, all those involved in our schooling system at the helms of affair should do the needful, so things don’t go out of hand.

  4. Our schools needs to be properly enlightened, on how to train their pupils whenever they do things wrong, such act does not speak good of our educational system, its bad and its poor, all those involved in our schooling system at the helms of affair should do the needful, so things don’t go out of hand.

  5. he is not telling the truth, just go to the school and confirm first if it was the principal the actually flogged him…

  6. OMG! That principal is really heartless. He needs to be sued for this. Haba. This is so inhuman

  7. Every offence a student commits has its own punishment depending on d grade or level of offenc. Teachers are to play a role of acting like our biological parents in place of our our parents or guidance while in school and teachers should be emotionally stable while on duty . If this flogging is done by a teacher , the teacher should be sued to court and be punished by d NUT

  8. This is vey bad, this principal must be sacked this wickedness is too much, i wish na me she beat like this, she no go do am again

  9. That principal should be arrested, torture is unlawful even in detention facilities why should I pay for my child to go to school only to be tortured like an animal

  10. This is not good. If truly that scars came from the beatings from the principal bcos he was absent, then it means that the principal must be drugs. The principal should be arrested bcos he is high. How will a human being do this thing to a child for just being absent? Or is there something the boy is hiding to say?

    • What bad behaviour? Why will d principal go this far to do this to a child? Don’t d principal has child? Hw will he feel when his child is being treated like that? He should have a heart.

  11. He didn’t try at all, not that students don’t deserved to be punished but not to this extent

  12. This is pure human abuse to the highest other. But what on earth would he tell lies about his bruises people?. They should start prosecuting all these teachers that inflates injuries on their pupils all in the name of teaching them a lesson. By harming a child like this way, he is not gonna learn. Instead you are making him/her to be hardened in a bad way and they will become timidy…always afraid. But theres how you will talk to a child, he/she will definitely learn.

  13. @gistreal this one isn’t real… U like cooking fake stories… Like this can this bros… As big as this be in secondary school…?

  14. Heeeyy, I don die. See as dem beat this boy. Like seriously, the principal need to be properly dealt with big time

  15. To Discipline a child is good but not to flog him like that. If its some parents they will arrest that principal

  16. In this 21 century a teacher did to a student under this recession the principal should be sued

  17. If it was ma broda or sista…….I swear dart skull go close down…….to GOD almighty

  18. If a boy could be flogged like this at Christian secondary school,what would happen in a non-christian secondary school??

  19. Ask your brother what did he do the principal is not a fool to beaten he this way pls ask answer about your brother and fine out from principal and his classmate not just because he was absent

  20. Is it by force to come to school? Anyway I attended a military school where beating is like break fast……

  21. A teacher flog my child jus becos he was drawing. U need to see d head of my son as if he was a thief. Some teachers are heartless I don’t jus kn y

  22. Go to the school and confirm it… If it’s true the principal did it, ask why? If it was for lateness, complement the principal and encourage him to do more… After all you sent your ward to be educated and also be disciplined. He will be grateful later. Trust me, the world is running short of disciplined and we’ll behaved people.

    • [email protected] MICHEAL,so u mean its right bcos he was sent to sch,I have a little girl in my area who was beaten for lateness n she was beaten by the teacher in d process her eye was involved, now she is in the university with one eye,all bcos she was sent to sch,its only in Nigeria that primary n sch students are been treated like cows,u can’t beat my child like that n go free oooo,wetin that one mean????there are many ways to correct a child.

    • Hmmmmmmm, so bad… Miss Okwo Eteng Ibor, Indeed I support children been beaten, but I don’t mean plucking out their eyes, No! #NOTATALL. I was so beaten when I was little and I hated those who did it then. But now I am grown and happy they did, knowing the child’s mind has bigger connection to its skin, than to its ears. #sparetherodandspoilthechild. I beat my younger ones at home, and punished my pupils in school when I served, but there are still times I go to protest against beating my siblings and those pupils when I think it’s way out of proportion. Beating a child is NOT BAD, excessive beating is, and this one HERE is not excess yet.

  23. must u mention ‘Christian’? why can’t u just mention is name only and stop causing problems in Nigeria….mtcheeew…

  24. Don’t believe children of now days without verification and investigations. A child went to school and stole his fellow student phone (handset) it was discovered and he was disciplined according. He came back home and his guardian discovered the Brussels and enquire from his ward, the child lied to his guardian that he fail a class work and the teacher flog him. Finally the guardian went to school and discovered the child stole and was asked to come with the parents or guardians, at the end he came back disappointed and disgraced. Please don’t believe them unless proper enquiries are made. Even if the principal is a devil, not to this extent.

    • A child below 15 years to the police? A child in primary school? Thank God you are not a teacher…

  25. Mr Ifesinachi there is a clear difference between discipline and outright wickedness, teacher’s shouldn’t vent their frustration on any student, we still have corporal punishment, who ever did this must be arrested and charge to court

  26. This happened to me when I was in my junior secondary, I couldn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to be the talk of the school, and for the fear of being harassed by other teachers not because I did anything wrong that couldn’t be corrected by words but because my so called teacher was angry that day.

  27. D teachers are stupid if dey don’t know what to do with dere time dey should go to d north and bead cow since dey are good @ dat


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