News To Combat Mosquitoes, Checkout Where This Youth Corp Member Slept (PHOTO)

To Combat Mosquitoes, Checkout Where This Youth Corp Member Slept (PHOTO)


This guy is funny o!

A National Youth Service Corp member (NYSC), whose name was not disclosed, was spotted sleeping inside a nylon bag in order to keep himself away from mosquito bites.

However, the area of which he was observing his one year youth service was not revealed but he was seen wearing a blue jeans, white round-neck top and had his waist-purse strapped round him as he slept inside the nylon.

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The nylon was placed on top of a bed tho not on the floor.



  1. This is why the NYSC facilities should be upgraded. Someone can not go through hell in school and also suffer during 3 weeks training. Why can’t the government do something about this?

  2. I wish they give them better living please for crying out loud they are serving the nation and should be treated well

  3. Lolz…. This is serious oh… Me that I’m also close to doing my NYSC programme, is this what I’ll be facing? Pls, they need to upgrade the NYSC facilities because it’s extremely dangerous for Nigerian youths. Pls, we dont want to be hearing bad news from the NYSC camps oh… I don’t want to feel discouraged…

  4. Wat? Nylon gini? Lol… Eventhough someone uses nylon to cover him or herself, there are some mosquitoes nowadays that have sharp mouth which they can use to pierce through any nylon, nomatter the thickness. so, the guy is not still safe. Instead, he will suffocate inside oh…

  5. Men. No be joke oh. The way mosquitoes attack these days. I think mosquitoes should be classified as wild animals.


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