Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Before & after: CoolFM OAP Destiny Amaka Shares Her Weight loss Journey

Before & after: CoolFM OAP Destiny Amaka Shares Her Weight loss Journey


Before & after: CoolFM OAP Destiny Amaka Shares Her Weight loss JourneyIn recent times, loosing weight is a very big deal with an emerging profitable market for the weight loss teas, coffees and maybe equipment.

Cool FM’s OAP Destiny Amaka took her IG page to share a story of how she lost 21kg within two months.

The formerly curvy radio presenter stated that she weighed 89kg before a massive reduction to 68kg.

In her words, ‘For all the thousands of DM’s asking how I did it, I cant reply all so here’s a snippet on how I started my weightless journey. Link for the full video is in my bio?….YouTube channel is “Destiny de Souza” No quick solution just baby steps and lil adjustments, I’m still learning new things about my body but being formally 89kg with 33% body fat & borderline diabetes was not doing my health any good. I’m healthier happier, still learning and now im even fligable ?????? ‘

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Before & after: CoolFM OAP Destiny Amaka Shares Her Weight loss JourneyShe shared a throwback photo of her curving body in two piece bikini with the caption, ‘#tbt when even ur new self still has to give a standing ovation for your old self? #curvesfordays welldonma! #kai #onceuponatime #whydontigoback #cusivehadatasteofboth #andlifeiseaserlikethis ?.’




  1. I am here desiring to gain weight, and someone is losing weight. Truly one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

  2. Women n their problem…I dont see anything wrong wif her old body…..evn now she looks like……..I reserve my comment sha……

  3. I like thick and curvy girls not zombie looking girls, she looks like zombie now, dat person wey advise her to lose weight is her enemy


  5. Her old look more nice than the new look……cause she still had flat tummy a Looking at her old picture, Well is her choice

  6. wow! Looking amazing thereafter. Most times, too much does cause one disease or d other in d human’s body. So, it’s better and advisable to burn it off

  7. I swear she better before the weight loss. She just threw her toolz kinda body away. She even had a flat tummy despite her thickness b4. This girl f ck up

  8. Good 2 know… Atleast u can live a healthier, comfortable and proud of ur current weight life…Gud 4 her

  9. Abeg which kin mumu wait loss u go do….u looked more like a woman back den…I dey find fat pipo dey waist dere own…Mtcheew

  10. She is saick,which kind mumu loosing of weight be diz one nah.we tell u say we lyk u as u dey b4?u beta go 4test b4 is too late

  11. You look sick now…diabetes is a lifestyle disease. ..u could have kept it old figure and be healthy… Is ur choice..

  12. She didn’t like herself then abeg na Una body shouuu na wa oo but u too loose weight sef pls add a little flesh

  13. Nor vex but I prefer d old u….who skinny help??? Dating a skinny gurl is like being wit ur fellow man…And am homophobic…So!!..

    • Indeed ur type if them allow u from what u just said u go rape man liar men don’t have choice especially ur type who will say I don’t do skinny girl but check their list they have skinny girls they even end up marrying them u dey do do

  14. It better she read all the comments ooo because so many people prefer your formal look, I say oya begin to fat again I command uuu. Instead of you to appreciate God. I beg Lepa no fit you at All

  15. if i be ur husband, walahi no be only weight u lose, u don lose ur marriage, na to get divorce letter remain, aha abi u get HIV, i no dey sure say na u, it must be a ghost frm ur past.

  16. Is there anything you’re trying to hide about your weight loss? Please we can understand you have it but thank God there’s a cure now you won’t die fast but please inform him about it so that he can’t spread it too OK your confessing because people are running away from you now right ??


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