News Danfo Driver killed by Hausa Noodles Seller Kills Over N30 Debt

Danfo Driver killed by Hausa Noodles Seller Kills Over N30 Debt


An Hausa noodles seller at Mojeed Sanni Street, in the Igando area of Lagos allegedly murdered a danfo driver over some meager debt.

Danfo Driver killed by Hausa Noodles Seller Kills Over N30 Debt
According to punch, 40-year-old Hausa trader, Ibrahim Adamu,killed Lekan Adeleke, a bus driver over N30 debt.
In a bid to avenge Lekan, some residents and friends of his made a bonfire on the road, chasing awat all the Hausa traders in the community, threatening to avenge the killing. The men were on the rampage when policemen from the Igando division, stormed the area.

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The policemen reportedly took Adeleke’s corpse to a mortuary, while the suspect, who was at the verge of being lynched  by angry residents, was taken to the Area M command.

On what caused the issue, the deceased was said to had bought noodles worth N230 from the suspect’s son on Sunday around 10.30pm.

He reportedly paid N200 and promised to pay the balance of N30 the following day, which the seller’s son disagreed to.The boy reportedly reported the case to his father, Adamu, who became angry and attacked 30-year-old Adeleke with a spiked plank. Adeleke slumped and hit his head against the concrete edge of a gutter in the area.

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The mob destroyed Adamu’s kiosk and set it on fire after Adeleke died around 12am on Monday.



  1. Hausa people are quite haughty especially the uneducated ones. They’re always quick to attack someone without thinking. May his soul RIP

  2. Buh y do we Ave to kill one another, wen we re not d creator our self…. Such a touching story may his soul RIP

  3. Wicked heart.. Pls let d police take d judgement. Don’t do jungle Justice oooo

  4. This is senseless. The Danfo bus driver, Olalekan paid this Hausa man and left. Did he say anything that made Adamu ran across the street and hit him on the head? Even if he did say something to him, but, at least he has paid him the balance. This is foolishness and this malam should be dealt with accordingly. The Hausas are getting away with so many atrocities in Nigeria and this has to stop.

  5. The Hausa people are voilet people ooo.. They’re ready to spill blood at any slight provocation.. Some of them walk with all sort of harmful weapons.. Can you imagine, Just N30 ..

    • Why did u not have a sense it is an Hausa did them say a Muslim abi Hausa Christian no dey am sorry but u are an idiot

    • And Iv she asked did she pass out secondary school…Di’s dullard,fool,stupid fellow will say yes ooo

    • #AwoniranAdewaleAdiru no need of saying sorry, because its obvious you don’t even mean it, but no matter what you say, i am happy they are banned from the USA because they are animals

    • #MubarakOlasunkanmyRaji i am ready for all of you, no matter how many you are. I still maintain that i am happy that you as a muslim cannot be allowed freedom everywhere. You think it is in Nigeria where you will be allowed to do any nonsense you like, if you don’t like what i said which am happy about, you can jump into the lagoon or better still pack out of this world. I don’t give a crap about you and am happy i made you angry hahahahahhahahwhhwhahah

    • It is obvious that we Christians and Muslim are senseless! Why are we fighting? Are we not worshipping the same God? Fine some people are becoming terrorist, does it mean we should stain innocent people with such accusations, fine! Muslims country are banned from america temporarily and we are happy, if truly we are good Christians we are suppose to feel for them and moreover we don’t know the next victim, let us all mind our business. Let’s worship this God together not fighting for him. Am very sure he will be very angry for wat we are doing. Good Muslims and Christians will support wat I say but the senseless Christians and senseless Muslims will start attacking me now.

    • U re senseless @adewale in fact u goat Hausa no be dem be Muslim. Tank God say Trump don banned una for entering USA

    • Is USA a heaven?…. Pls let us use our common sense nd come to unity, i dont knw how nigeria want to become a peaceful country with dz tribelism nd religion issues. Let unity start from me nd u instead of critizing. #biko#

    • Loveth or what ever u call ur self u are the one gettin angry here for no reason the man is dead u can’t do any thing about that and u are there insulting all muslims for no reason.but is so so unfoturnate that u can’t do any thing about it hahaha eeeeh lol srry go take poison if u like hahahaha woooooo

    • Fatima so is d way u n ur ppl kil dat makes u so happi dis way.Well i dont blame u b,cos animal dont ve human sempati or fellings

    • Wat u all gaining naw ???? Telll me did it add any thing good in ur life??? Don’t let our leaders divide us we all one don’t let dem play politics wit our heads

    • Fatima Idris wait o is it the man death u are happy about abi bcs is ur tribe that kill him? I don’t understand u abeg

    • Fatima i been tink say u get sense but na potopoto (Mud) full ur head….ldiot i dy very sure say na almajiri daughter u be…frustrated bitch just dey dere dy happy wen d country don dy divide small small…very soon we Christians no go get anytin to do wit una again coz we go separate ourselves from una.So prepare to stay with animals of ur type.

    • Ure an idiot Calling all muslims terrorists because some sects of terrorists who claims to be muslims shows how idiotic u are!U are the animal,u are not thinking straight

    • #OlabanjiBadru hahahahaha, keep on showing us how frustrated you are, really i am enjoying the whole show. But for opening your dirty mouth shows you are the animal and from now, we refuse to be victims of vampires like you. Mark my words, that man will be the last that will die in the hands of your likes, we say no to murder

    • Very heartless ooo, that was how an hausa man stab an Igbo guy in my area because of 20 change, but i trust my igbo brothers, they pounce on him and used the same knife on him but unfortunately for him, he died

    • I really wonder what sort of breed they’re. Life is worthless to them.imagine 20 compared to Life.well good he didn’t go free

  6. Imagine 30 naira. wey so mony people dey give watin pass 30 naira to their bergers for road. Hnm God help us

  7. Just bcoz he’s Hausa dosnt mean he is a muslim..n plz not all Hausa people are voilent..stp blaming others for the actions of one man..if Hausa are voilent. People frm different tribes wil not be staying peacefully in the north..u guys are jst irrational abt dis..what abt the igbo man that was caught shipping milloins of guns inti the country and wat abt the yoruba people that beat a 7yrs old child bcos he stole a loaf of bread..sum people are jst so stupid and selfish

    • Stupid comment from a foolish mouth i see d paece in d north for real all hausas n fulani should be barnished to world yonder animals

    • Don’t mind them sis,if another tribe or non muslim committ a crime is called crime but if any hausa or muslim committ same crime is called terrorism or wickedness.Hahaha lol is so unfoturnate that you guys can’t do any thing about us selfish people

    • At first u were making sense but Wen I saw u giving examples, I came to understand dt u r all stupid and senseless…the same rope nai hold una. How can u justify alll the muderous acts and homicide committed by the fulanis, moslems and hausas wf a boy stoned to death.. wat about the girl who was beheaded for nothing? Shut up and sit dwn. Nonsense

    • U guys are so miserable is so so unfurnate that u guys can’t do any thing hahahaha go and take some pain killer

  8. Left for me muslims oooo,hausa ooo make we just carry dem go wan kind thick forest and burn dem der,bcux dey dont deserves to live,oh God may his soul rest in peace,imagin 30#

  9. That Hausa man for no try that nonsense for Aba. Even if he did he no for see where gutter dey go hide himself.

  10. Only God knows what this world has turn to because of 30 naira killing a fellow human being

  11. wasted….dis northerners they can be heartless at times how can u take another mans life because of N30 abi na reccession cause am?

  12. Hausa, muslims, fulani, r beginning to get away wf their muderous acts, so called DSS will not see ds one and act…Useless president, unless government.

  13. We are in a country were murderous acts are prosecuted all d time give one example and people willfear

  14. Well rubbish can only happen in Yoruba land the the Scott free ,let them come and try it at Aba in Igbo land ,heartless people

  15. That is y I hate having anything to do with all this aboki people…. To buy onion from them self I dey fear,especially wen it gets to sowing of bata I prefer to carry my bata go market go do bcs dem be animals.

  16. Strong una no strong even vibrant una no be say una stand well for ground self. But una dy like to first strike. Okay issorite…na matter of time ooo….very soon d Nigeria no go sweet again make una no worry.

  17. Nawa ooooooo…….. This Hausa Muslims dnt know more than killings.. The Police should have allow those Lagos boys to set him on fire… Lagos is not a northern state that you people can do ur wicked killing and go free. USELESS SET OF PEOPLE!

  18. ayaf almost laff my ass off!with all these choking accusation and picking on each other,haba!this is nt fair enough,,,we know that the deed has already been done and also the police has been involved,,there’s no need for us to be attacking each other like this!this is just a post,moreover we are on face-book and not a battle ground for goodness sake!we can’t help each other in this way,we’re only trying to dis-harmonize our tribe,,even though our religion differs but still we serve just one God,,,so,therefore let us shun violence and let peace reign,,,Hausa or no Hausa,Muslim or no Muslim.i believe that we’re from the same maker.,..they might share the same tribe but that doesn’t mean that they have the same character,,,let us stop relating things that has passed with the recent one,,,,we all are matured enough and insulting each other won’t change a thing,,,let’s point accused finger to the culprit and not those that wasn’t there when the incident happened……so please,,,,enough of all these sentiments cause it will definitely take us no where,,,,,let’s learn to love each other irrespective of our tribe accordingly,,i’m pleading


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