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Davido Acquires Brand New 2017 Mercedes Benz GLE 430, Weeks After Getting A Range Rover


DMW CEO Davido’s 2016 ended on a lovely note with the acquisition of a 2017 Range Rover reportedly worth N80 million and his 2017 is starting on a brighter note with this Mercedes  Benz he just purchased.

The Mercedes Benz GLE 430 is reportedly worth $75,010.

Checkout the photos below



  1. What happens to your other cars? Will you drive all at the same time? If No, then look out for an opharnage home to help

  2. I’m happy for you davido, but buying deferent type of cars every week is not the best thing for you now in this country that many people is hustle just to eat, and you musicians are busy buying cars that worth millions every days. And noting happen to the one you have before, can you drive 5cars at once, Try to help the less privilege one out there

  3. 300% how are you going to do it for just a month. Are you sure it’s real. Cuz mmm that give 30% close down not to talk of 300%.

  4. That’s gud bt Pls U guys should learn how to help d less privileged when U have d means

  5. Chai !!! ….. But u can change thousand of life with this big amount of money that will even reduce suffering and jobless of we youth like you….my Broda if you think you are investing in cars, houses, golds, henesi, 501,champa,✋✋, vanity on vanity,,, no investment is greater than help someone who cry b4 he/ she could take 3 spoon of garri even chuck it to complete 5spoon, even use formula “010,001,00/.someone one who need just 1k for handout and even many people are committing suicide just because they think all hope is gone. The ability of money and food is when you are no longer on earth and ur money and foods are still working and putting smiles in the life of people u help … But it’s painful today,why we poorer are praising the richest, when the richest are mocking and making banter on we poorer..too much money, big boy, congregate, love that..my Broda think deeply b4 u comment cuz her life style may change through ur own advice…..

  6. Av Neva heard one day dat Davido went to an orphanage to even celebrate his birthday…. Wealth without conscience is foolishness… Cos all is Vanity

    • Listen bro, going to the orphanage to render assistance and taking pictures or making videos about it isn’t good giving. Its just a form of bragging and wanting the whole world to know you are giving, davido helps people everyday, that’s why he’s always being blessed

  7. Dats yoruba boi for u, always lavishing hardly remembers raining dayz could just be around the corner, he’s ignored ants theory

  8. Humans are so self – centered, baba they’re people who can’t afford to buy a meal…….. But yet u can flaunt around with good cars and house…… But always remember those little help you render to d poor…….. Tells a lot in one’s life

  9. If my girl wants to leave me for Davido ehn,I swear I’ll not let her go alone………we dey move together

  10. Big bro am always happy for u bt try and remember us…… d poor ones. God bless me with a good talent of singing raping, bt no money to tell d wrld d soft am made off. Big bro if u can help I will b very greatfull for Eva. am @ goodies akpuru. 08166614370.

  11. Na even d poor guys Nd girls dey spend money buy ticket to watch him ,but seriously ehnn,I dnt envy him cos if na me ,nah jet I go buy

  12. Leave d guy e is enjoying is money I dy feel u baddest davido .shey u guyz no aw many pple davido dn epp bfore una stay ere dy tok thrash u will say dat u want to get is attention.

  13. Dts all u artist kw. Emma ugolee is dwn wt kidney problem,no one wl assist now dt he needs hlp until he’s announced dead. All f u wil commence wt ur useless condolences!!! It’s not all about how many cars or houses u’ve bought so far but how many souls u ‘ve saved in critical condition????? U guys suld stop deceiving yourselves


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