Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Dele Momodu Responds To Davido Releasing Sophia’s Alleged Drug Test

Dele Momodu Responds To Davido Releasing Sophia’s Alleged Drug Test


Dele Momodu Responds To Davido Releasing Sophia's Alleged Drug Test

Few days back, David released a statement on the main reason why he decided to take his baby from his baby mama and he also included a drug test report.

According to the report, Sophia Momodu who’s Davido’s baby mama was tested positive for marijuana.

Dele Momodu has released a statement to counter the claim. According to Dele,

The newspapers were awash this morning and the social media has been on fire since yesterday. My cousin SOPHIE MOMODU was comprehensively scandalised. Even a Laboratory result alleging she’s a cannabis smoker was splashed everywhere. She was said to have infected her own baby with cannabis. The vicious authors expected some gullible people to believe them. Nothing could have been cruellest. Our initial reaction was to maintain the ceasefire but this latest attack against a defenceless lady who merely asked that she be allowed to enjoy the fruit of motherhood was the limit of recklessness and rascality. All sensible human beings should abhor and condemn this unwarranted fabrication of endless lies just to justify the act of forcefully detaching a baby from her biological mother. Check this picture well. That’s baby Imade with her aunt Ashley Adeleke who took her to Dubai a few months ago against her mother’s consent. The world has been told that the baby was so sick that she needed urgent medical attention in Dubai. Imade’s mother was deprived of attending personally to her own baby. Now wait for this; just imagine you’re the hapless mum of Imade; instead of receiving regular medical briefs from Ashley the Good Samaritan, you receive pictures of your own baby swimming with Ashley Coco inside the heavenly pool of Atlantis, The Palm Dubai, one of the most luxurious resorts in the world while anxiety is killing you back home. Baby Imade has been forcefully separated from her mum since July 11!, 2015, when she was barely two months old. We’ve pleaded for months with the Adelekes to return the baby to her real mum. Sophie was allowed to visit her daughter once a week every Sunday inside Dr Adeleke’s guest quarters. We did not fight. We did not engage in social media wars. They said our family was too poor and beneath their status. We did not mind. They said Sophie was a gold-digger, we did not respond. We only kicked when Baby Imade was to be taken out again without the mum’s necessary consent. No one asked them to take Sophie along. We only tried to stop the impunity and dehumanisation of a poor mother. We acted within the ambit of the law. No more.



  1. with due respect sir, this is not something to show as an evidence that the baby is actually not sick as his father Davido stated. a child can be taking to a relaxing environment even after treatment in order to help him/her, what the Adeleke’s did wasn’t bad and if i were u, i would let sleeping dog lay then prompting on any massage you see on net….i expect you being an elderly man to tink of how to bring both parties toegther and solv e d issue on ground from going vary not adding to every bit of words you see here…… your sister is the one that will suffer all this you are doing now….you dnt knw what God has for both parents of Imade…..but with all this on ground, you are not helping matters rather escalating issues…please sir, try and call both parents and think or how to amend issues….they are both kids!

  2. This is really crazy cos I don’t no who to believe. This is a lesson to all those gals that thinks sleeping or having an affair with stars is the ultimate. Msg to Sophia; thanks for draging your uncles name to the mud, after all the trash u have said about ur uncle while dating davido, shebi now he is the one fighting for u. Sometimes u hide ur shits, or family secrets, u don’t tell a man everything so that he wunt use it against u tomoro. To davido: I don’t blame you, so you knew you were 21 and you were busy enjoying sex and funicating, so now u no you are not ready to marry abii? I believe both of you were involve in that marijuana concert, and I guess u like such kind of girls a lot. Becareful my dear, Na your fellow Yoruba you fit hurt, you no fit hurt anoda tribal gal. Guess all the yoruba prominent men are watching and hearing this? Nobody wants to involve his or herself, fear of the adeleke. Davido there is God, What ever excuse you are given as to why you are withholding sophia’s child makes no sense at all. You are not even qualified to be with the child. Abbi you want to form Chris brown and baby mama. You have attracted hate to your family, people now see your family to be oppressors, greedy and wicked. If you tink Sophia was not your class, why did you date her. What were you tinking. This has really shown the real u. I prefer wizkid to you a zillion times. See bros tuface, timaya, how many of them behave like you. The fans made you, And can unmake you. Foget say dem born you for Atlanta, why you no make am for there, why you no struggle there, you run com nigeria, knowing fully well der is nothing like home. You for go der make I see who you want to sing pass. All the yorubas are noe putting der mouth under the table to talk, no body wants to voice out. Fear of the Adelekes. Mr dele, sorry, I no you cousin has brought shame to your family. And am happy that God has used her to expose some people. Davido have been my number one fan until dis saga. And for davidos sister, hold the baby well Iya, tell her say her mum na even witch, no give the mum oh, you no say you be osun goddess. So no man or WOman fit touch you, shebi your fiance or husbands family are watching you? . Very good. Wat goes around will surely come around. If dat Sophia dey smoke na ur brother teach am. She did all that to empress your brother. So judge not. You can still counsel Sophia, talk to her, not braging that you gave her an apartment at lekki, this this and that, eehhhhh that she is not your class, bla bla bla. Who cares??? A good name is better than anything. Fix this DAVIDO ADELEKE, else hmmmmmm, your go regret why you they famous. See tuface, despite all, he still loves and accepted his children, dat is y he is still the number 1. Sophia s saga will or might affect my career, and mark my word nobody cares if you drop music, stars are coming up everyday. Be carefully, you might say am stupid, but behind every nonsense their is a sense. If Sophia like make she be anything, as long as she is not voilent , allow the child to get to a certain age bfore taking her away from the mother. Nine months is not easy, money can buy you everything you desire. But when the wrath of God fall upon you and your family for this single act, money can’t buy you salvation. Solve this saga amicably before it gets too late. Don’t say I did not earn you.let peace rain. Nigerians are watching you and your family. Don’t tink they are silent. They no when to act. For now, they are watching a seasonal movie.


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