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Dele Momodu walks out of an event after Davido called him “My Boy” on stage (Video)


According to reports by Instablog9ja, Ovation magazine publisher, Dele Momodu was at a concert together with Davido and as he was performing on stage, Davido sang thus ‘Mr Dele na boy, Dele na my boy’..

Dele Momodu who appeared insulted walked out of the venue to salvage the situation.

Watch the video below:



  1. Davido and Wiskid Na one water them take bath two of you….no sign of respect because of money learn how to respect your elders

    • No matter the reason …. His not his mate he should at least show him some respect.. Not to call elderly man like that his boy

    • Well as for me I also can’t respect any stupid person that calls himself/herself elder .. Elder my ass ..I’m only going to respect the kinda Individual you’re ..you can’t just use the term elder as an opportunity to tell me shit If u ridicule yourself you’re going to be ridiculed ..if u respect yourself trust me I’m going to give u 100% respect!! That’s how it should be!!!

    • @ Tosin u dnt need to tell us u re nt well brought up, u simply av d attitude of both davido & wizkid that is y u wil utter such a word, am sure u re d type dat wil reply ur parents back when talking to u , we all knw where pple like u meet ur end

    • Mr ibikunle really. Are you saying you respect elders. Hmmm. You sure. I would I say u should swear but it’s not my business. Liars

    • Ojo or whatever your name is You know what pains me most about your type You guys never wanna hear the truth The whole stupid African mentality has blinded u guys that u just think u can force your stupid lifestyle on anybody Just imagine how stupid u’re Cus I simply said the truth Nd u’ve judged me already without even knowing me !! This is part of what I’m talking about .. Now tell me how do u expect me to respect your foolish self ?? When u can’t even talk like a matured person …cus u simply can’t force your stupid mentality on me then u judged me Well let me tell u I cherish my parents so much Nd I respect them fully!! Nd my parents will never ever talk foolishly like u just did or use their position as adults to maltreat or cheat a young lad..that’s the difference When I talk you stupidly think I’m just talking shit ..but I’m talking from the experience I’ve had with adults who think they can use the position of them being older than u to cheat u!!! So I know what it means … But since u’re so dumb that u never really cared to ask why I said I’m going to respect who re as an individual and not as the adult u’re Nd u foolishly just went ahead to judge someone u don’t even know then I don’t think there’s any point arguing with u no more You’ve showed how stupid u’re Nd how Nigerian adults always love using that position of them being older than u to chance u U’re just more like the dele momodu here Nd I’m the davido Ojo is my boy!!! Same way u judged me without knowing me …is probably the same way dele said something stupid to davido that made davido call him his boy!!! Case closed I’m outta here dumbass

    • The respect you give to your parents at home whether good or bad is the same respect you need to give to your elders within or outside…. Look the way Humblsmith greet wizkid he did look at the young guy attitude he did that because he started before him in the industry…my dear a child need to give respect to his or her elders no matter how stupid the man is

    • That is the beginning of his end, watch out is a law of nature, honor your parent, so that your days maybe long.

    • humility is when Obama as the world power leader bow to dy king of Saudi,not because Saudi is more powerful, but as a Muslim brought up the King is his leader…even the Bible encourages us to respect our elders,as an African if you publicly insult you elder then automatically we say you lack home training period…. am not siding #NOBODY#…

    • When y’all stop quoting from holy books Nd stupid backward traditions Nd face reality is when I’m going to listen to any of u guys!

    • if only u knw me, i dnt disrespect elders even those that get on my nerves i ignore cos whether u like it or not d little ones of today wil grow to meet u where u re, i learn real respect frm my dad, i saw in him a modest well structured humility in him even d way my dad talk to my friends when addressing them he is so humble that i cherish it so much, now tosin respect can never be bought with money,fame,or what av u, it is inborn, can as well be immitated for those willing to be well cultured, u also detest sighting example frm d bible which clearly shows u av really missed it long time ago, no wonder u rejoice seeing a boy of yestday disrespecting an elderly person, must let u knw (ohun tio da koda lonpe)what is bad is bad , i knw its some hw bashful to conceive d show of shame u brought upon ur self, but there re always room for improvemnt, if anyone like u truly wants to knw d place of elders

    • Tell me you’ve never called buhari names? Or cursed him cus of what he has turned Nigeria into

    • @Tosin i am nt sure u re d true son of d soil, if u dnt get it u must be a yoruba bastard to say nting is wrong with d statemnt made by davido, d yoruba culture in particular does nt tolerate discourteous & nonchallant attitude especially against d elderly ones irrespectives of d cause that led to d reason behind it, and stop referring to buhari as a case study cos aside d fact that he is a northerner that might really nt weigh d gravity of d word on like a yoruba man would think, so no amt of money,fame,position or whatever shld be aloud to cloud d act of been responsible,cultured,courteous & respectful

    • Yoruba’s like dat word respect like say na food but una never for one day earn the respect…. I hate it when Christian judge people like Davido and d rest…. dats his lifestyle who Dele don help sef

    • Elders should respected fine…. but Elders should not use their position to say trash and think others will keep looking….. the bible dat said honour thy father and mother also said parents do not provoke ur children.

    • Look at FUTA our so called #Elders are causing havoc in the school they even beat up our SUG president and our Dean of students….. they’re acting like babarian savages…. just because of VC issue we were supposed to resume last month but these #Elders want us to go back to the streets

    • these same #Elders are d same people I respect, so called wise old ones…. and am expected to show d same respect during resumption.

    • Every respect I have for them has being throw out d window….. all i’d do now is avoid incidents with them so I don’t say my piece

    • I have Elders back left and right using their position to give me headache all in the name of #respect I endured it all

    • if you were in my shoes you would have flipped the switch a long time ago 15 good years I endured them using their decisions to ruin me just 2 years left till I gain my freedom

    • Am not Yoruba but I know d complete meaning of respect if I was in Davidos shoes as long as I no get beef with u no p…. if not I will do extremely worse

    • d Mr Dele sef funny shey him never hear d song b4 ni mtcheew …… Davido sef don craze as if him know sAy Mr Dele go dey there

    • Pride is not a good thing Davido abeg do small small …… but if he deserved it…. put him in his place

  2. i love this davido guy he’s just so crazy! But Why is this dele momodu sef acting a fool Not like you trade marked “Dele” there are millions of dele in Nigeria so calm down abeg. And even if he’s referring to dele momodu why can’t he just overlook the shit Nd let it go …its just a song for God’s sake. Even people call buhari’s name Nd swear everyday so what or who is dele momodu tcheeew the thing is that, once u respect yoursełf, u earn respect from pple..Dele momodu was the one that allowed hiself to be treated like a boy when he went into that arguement with davido. How can an elderly man stoop so low to be exchanging words with a small boy if he really wants to be respected

    • U re just like Davido. So just because an elder offends you, den u take it as a means of insulting d person openly. Dat is bad. Its just like ur mom offends u and u go about insulting before others. He might ve disgraced himself as u put it b4 davido but dat doesn’t gv him d rt to always mention his name in his songs.

    • If that’s what it is then I dont think mentioning his name is a crime too.. After all gospel musicians mention the devil in their songs too Nd rebuke him ..no matter what the devil might have done they shouldn’t mention his name Nd rebuke him in their songs too! How does that sound!

    • u think u can keep twisting pple whom re bent on making u see hw rightful things re done, bt must tell u dis those that re bent on threading d perilious path will always av money to buy d lattest shoes

    • Abbey afolabi Every nigga is entitled to his own opinion …its what u think ..Nd I seriously don’t give a flying fuck!! I’m a waste right OK no problem Bye boy!

    • Hmmmm you are not too far from what davido did… Birds of a feather. You just called some one a mad person.. Meanwhile davido don’t know that you exist

    • @loveth Nd who told u I need davido’s attention Do I look like your hungry boyfriends? Lmao ?? Seems u’re sick too pls get your ugly ass outta ma face

  3. this man should thank davido because I dnt even know he still exists. Until baby mama this and that. Sometimes we can be famous again through insults. Not everyone will make it on a plain holy no sin life. Some av to succeed through immoral ways. If it doesn’t affect ur neighbors reasonably

  4. OBO didn’t say momodo, he only said Mr. Dele not Dele Momodo. Hope una get. But don’t be arrogant bcuz u are one we love more.

  5. you better shut up your mouth tosin lawrence or what’s your crap name. is he the only musician with money. get mannars and touch lives with your music and don’t be rude simple.

  6. U can buy popularity buh u can’t buy good manners. A well trained child is a representative of his “parents” big or small, great or small, popular or not. Simple.

  7. That foolish old man dele came to Ghana to insult NPP’S presidential candidate now president elect of Ghana… Someone called u a boy nd u angry…. Endure wai..kwasia kwasia Aboa bi ba dele momodu. .

    • My dear sis, I am highly disappointed in you. First you accuse him of campaigning for Pres Mahama, now you claim he insulted Nana. My dear Dele is old enough to be your father. Pls let him be, afterall you have got your Nana elected as president so what else do you want?

    • Margie Shittu plis where did I insult him for campaigning for mahama…no one cares who he campaigns for after all a Nigerian can’t tell us who to vote for but to insult a 72 year old man gave me the right to insult him as well.. Since he don’t have respect for old age.. So I won’t either… Remember respect is reciprocal. .

    • My dear, what is the meaning of abua ba? Anyway don’t repay evil with evil. End of discussion.

    • Abiiiiiiiiii,Yoruba DT had a lot of respect for elders xo much.jst bcoz of money dtz x misbehaving and disrespecting his elderly. and be calling hissef” omobabaolowo”.but there z a qustn I wanna ask,when u die,will u take d money wit u along to heaven?????whenever I heard people talking of daivdo by calling omobaba olowo,I will jst shake my head and Hiss’s coz his riches on earth z jst for nothing to be boasting of.but he learn hw to respect his elders coz d man older enough to be his fada.and he should also remember DT he z Yoruba guy by tribe,but DT don’t hv respect he should go and learn. mtchewwww

  8. No matter how rich you are, if you are disrespectful, you won’t be valued. Davido should show some reapect to dele because he is old enough to be his father

  9. Irrespective of your achievements it’s imperative to still respect people who are your senior

  10. Davido is a fool, is he d only artist we have in dis country, dat boy dnt have respect fr senior, is it because he have or Wat. nonsense

  11. No matter how shitty their beefs get…..davido should always respect the age of the man…ah mean take a look at dem both, you can clearly see who d boi is..

  12. money……good oooooh…..u gt we tnk God 4 u…..but if u gt come no gt brain……hmmmmmmmm,d thunderstorm wey go destroy u still dey do yoga.

  13. Comment:richness with money make u move higher,we dnt nid to insult,lets say the true fact,davido is nt cultured,and that can damage his reputation,so i will advice u uncle obo,go and beg elder dele

  14. Please he did not call him his boy he was only signing one of his songs and Delete took offence thinking Davido was insulting him.

    • He actually called him “my boy” on stage… While he was singing, he said “Mr dele na my boy, Mr dele na my boy”..

  15. When the going was good they pop Champagne together, now the going is bad they want me to get involve. No way!!

  16. Nawaoooo…Dis is just a total insults.Haba.A man of ya dad’s mate.All I see here is someone living in a fools paradise.All in the name of money.Dat how most lose dia life in just some minutes.Dis mouth eehhh.He should be careful…To take dis kain pikin comot for dis world na just small tin.If he continues throwing shades at elderly ones.I pray he doesn’t meet with the wicked ones.Just passing sha….


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