News Designs For The Fourth Mainland Bridge Are Amazing! (Photos)

Designs For The Fourth Mainland Bridge Are Amazing! (Photos)


Days ago, we brought news that there was going to be a fourth mainland bridge.

And now, even more good news, we’ve seen a few designs of what the bridge is supposed to look like!

The designs were created by Kunle Adeyemi and sure look like the Mega City Lagos we’ve been hearing about since forever.

Kunle Adeyemi, born and raised in Nigeria, is an architect, designer and urbanist with a track record of conceiving and completing high profile, high quality projects internationally. He is the founder of NLE, currently developing a number of urban, research and architectural projects in Africa.

Take a look at the designs!

4th1 4th2 4th3 4th4 4th5 4th6 4th7




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