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Differences Between a F*ck Boy and a Grand Yoruba Demon – Lagos Socialite Writes to Nigerian Ladies


Lagos socialite, Dokun Olumofin, has written to the single ladies in the country as he reveals the types of bad guys they’re likely to encounter in their relationships.

Lagos-based socialite, Dokun Olumofin, who is the brother of popular s*x & relationship therapist, Joro Olumofin, has taken to his Instagram page to reveal the difference between a fuckboy and a yoruba demon.

Read below;

There are 2 types of Yoruba Demons;

1. The Grand Master Yoruba Demon and the Yoruba Demon.

The Grand Master Yoruba Demon is in the worst category of men in terms of character. A woman should run for her Life upon meeting the Grand Master.

2. A f*ckboy or f*ckboys are from all the over the world while a YDemon or Grand Master YDemon are from Lagos, Ekiti, Ondo, Osun, Oyo excluding Kwara and Kogi State.

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3. A f*ckboy can end up marrying after years of breaking hearts but a YDemon cannot be saved.

4. A f*ckbooy sleeps with a minimum of at least 82 women a year, while a YDemon 71 and the Grand Master YDemon scores a record breaking of 120 women a year.

5. A Grand Master YDemon plans with his mother and father to call his prey “Our future wife, Omalicha, Our Queen” all a subterfuge for more women to fall.

6. A f*ckboy usually lives around Banana Island, Surulere, GRA, Allen Avenue, Asokoro, Benin while YDemons and Grand Master YDemons have their head quarters in Lekki Phase 1, Malaysia & London.

7. A f*ckboy usually ends up marrying a senior runs girl while the Grand Master YD turns senior runs girls into Baby Mamas.

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8. The Grand Master YD are from Ondo State, Lagos State and Ogun State while the Nigerian Head Quarters of F*ck Boys is Edo State.

9. The YD & Grand Master YD show up to events mostly clad in expensive looking white native attire & heavy traditional beads around their neck&wrists. The “Professors” even go as much as carrying Walking Sticks & Umbrellas.

10. The f*ckboys & Yoruba Demons & Grand Master Yoruba Demons never use a condom hence countless Baby Mamas.

Who is worse? The FB is second in ranking while the Grand Master YD cannot be matched in west Africa but the YD sometimes ends up turning a new leaf.

Ladies do not pray to meet any of the above especially the Grand Master YD.



  1. Relationship counselor everywhere u turn…..congrats to the olumofins “Special advisers to Nigeria on r/ship issues”


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