News Diplomats Who Hit A Car Are Being Aided By The Nigerian Police...

Diplomats Who Hit A Car Are Being Aided By The Nigerian Police To Evade Justice

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Hello Stella, more grease to your elbow.. Please I want you to treat this matter as urgent as we are indeed in a lawless country..

Yesterday my brothers and I went to the popular Mami market, Abacha Barracks to test their fish delicacy that they are well known for.. On getting to the entrance, I was refused entry, their reason being that my outfit was short, we jejely turned back to the car park to head somewhere else (as we know better than to argue with soldiers).

On getting to the car park, while awaiting the gate opening, this Highlander jeep overtakes us from behind and brushes the front of our vehicle.. Everyone in view saw this including the soldiers, they tried to flag the vehicle down but they simply Zoomed off to everyone’s utmost dismay..

The soldiers were shouting that we should chase them and catch up with them for such act, we got into the car and followed them, caught up with them and blocked them with our car. We found 2 white men and 2 white women in this Highlander Jeep .. Do you know even after we parked right in front of them , they still drove right into us, my brother had to open their car and put the car’s hand break on and remove the car key from the ignition to stop them..

By this time, we had caused major traffic, police gathered to ask what happened, we explained it all to them.. The white man driving ran into us the second time so that any one passing by would think we were trying to overtake wrongly and got hit not knowing we had caught up with them and the second bash was done on purpose…

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These white men stepped out and the first thing they said was “we’re diplomats”.. At this point I’m beyond flabbergasted, infact, to say the least, I get weak to my knees.. They turned the whole thing around saying we batched them on the spot, forgetting that we followed them because of a bash and run incident that happened in the army Barack car Park.. Since they denied hitting us earlier, my brother decided to go to the Barack and bring an army man that witnessed the whole thing happen.. He did and got delayed for like 2 hours before 2 army officials followed him back to the spot as witnesses.

We insisted that damages be paid for since ‘sorry’ wasn’t forthcoming from them.

Stella, you will not believe that the police let these white men go home in another vehicle and took us to the police station for statement after towing both vehicles just because they were white and claimed to be diplomats ..

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As I speak now, my brother is being held at Asokoro police station, the DPO of the station now claims we were trying to kidnap the white men by stopping them for bashing our vehicle .. He has been detained even though the soldiers came in as witness, two lawyers are on standby yet the DPO insists that no one can stop him from detaining my brother .. this is a clear case of man know man or highest bidder wins.

I have lived abroad and there is nowhere hit and run cases aren’t charged, this cannot happen in Poland, they wouldn’t even try it, but since Nigeria is a lawless country where anything goes, they think they can do whatever And get away with it and the police are ever ready to participate and cooperate with them.

Please I want to scream out for the world to hear how Nigerian police would see the truth and rather be bribed by white men.. The white men are polish and are chilling at their embassy while my brother is being detained by the police .. I’ve attached videos for you to see

*Please contact the Polish embassy to see to this matter if you have their contact or drop a number to help this BV and her brother get Justice…or email
her at [email protected] or call her on  07086048604



  1. Chai what a clueless country. When we go to their country, they treat us like trash, but when they come to our country, they are treated like saviours. God increase our wisdom and improve our mentality especially the mentality of police department

  2. That’s why someone called this nation a Zoo.. Where unprecedented things happen.. Where we treat our own citizens badly and treat foreigners better.. Let me come and be going jare..

  3. Why do Nigerians and other Africans treat foreigners like gods? In terms of employment, they always get first class treatment, in terms of respect, we can lay down for them. Some even bleach just because they prefer the white man’s skin. This really needs to stop. We should change our mentality and begin to appreciate ourselves.

  4. I was there yesterday evening, but you guys know that Nobody is perfect, whatever it An accident way. God settle your Children weather back or white it doesn’t matter at all.

  5. God increase our wisdom and improve our mentality especially the mentality of the Nigerian police department


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