Entertainment News Divorce Saga: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Wife, Anita Finally Speaks Up!

Divorce Saga: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Wife, Anita Finally Speaks Up!


Anita Oyakhilome , who now goes by her maiden name Ebhodaghe has finally spoken out about her rift and divorce with husband, Chris Oyakhilome.

The news and controversy that surrounded their divorce caused quite a stir amongst their admirers and church members.

The divorce was filed in April 9, 2014 at Divorce Section A, Central Family Court, First Avenue House, High Holborn, London, United Kingdom on the grounds of “unreasonable behaviour” .

She has now chosen to address the divorce and tell her side of the story.

Anita took to her blog to discuss how her life has been changing as of late making some serious references to her marriage as she wrote. She wrote:

    It is my desire to reach out and inspire you especially if you feel vulnerable and in need of a change. I hope to inspire you to believe in yourself no matter the circumstances. I want to help you recreate your life going forward, so you can live beautifully. I have been through this journey of rediscovery and nothing is as beautiful as realising one’s uniqueness as I have done. Life is a precious however, your life can go through different seasons: winter, spring, summer or autumn. Life can hit you with financial loss, disappointments, death of a loved one, a broken relationship, loss of a job, a divorce, being falsely accused or being a victim of crime. These can shatter you to pieces but you can do something about it.

    Life is a gift from God and you deserve to be happy irrespective of your age, race, gender, background or financial situation. I urge you to appreciate the gift you are, you are precious and valuable. Never lose sight of who you are; begin to create new visions and dreams for your life. Let nothing stop you from growing every day. My story is not one of a bed of roses, far from it but I had a choice to either beat myself over the regret of tolerating abuse for so long or put a stop to the abuse and recreate my life for the best. My journey was not in vain. I can now help others realise that their situation does not define them.

    In order to move on with life, I have come to realise that nothing is permanent. Your problem is not permanent; you can do something to change it by ensuring you do not allow the situation or the person make your life miserable. Pain is a fact of life, it is inevitable but suffering is optional. You can do something to change the pain by over looking every obstacle, take control as a force of nature to grow and expand. Do what is necessary now to use the gift God has given you to unleash your purpose.

     My message to all is simple: you have value therefore discover your potential. Do not allow anybody destroy you or rob you of living a joyful life. Your life is not wasted; you have just started a different phase of life. God will show you how to use your testimony to help others and restore their lives to exuberance. Please join me to encourage and inspire others. You have a story to tell, you can contribute and participate in the dialogues here. Let us all learn from one another’s experience and reach others with the gift of love and kindness. Share your experience by emailing me or making a comment. Celebrate your uniqueness because there is only one of you.

Pastor Anita has a new book coming titled “100 Ways To Cherish Yourself And Get Back On Your Feet”



  1. She should go and make her marriage work. Christians don’t divorce rather any challenge the face in their marriage the invite God to take control not divorce. Please go make your home a role model

  2. She doesn’t make sense to me …because she didn’t give a fuckin reason but talking some trash .I guess she jus wanna fame like her husband

  3. But, what is get to know ur self got to do wiv divorce? Plz 4 heaven sake try reconcile for ppl dat are weaker christian, dat is if d publication is from a reliable source ooo

  4. she has be married for yrs,becos of yur kids think twice dont make the miskate u will later regret a woman can only divorce her husband only on d ground d man has a lover outside,pls woman be careful with yur discussions and think of yur kids

  5. ah!! i was really expecting something! direct and reasonable, and to me i see nothing reasonable here!, in every relationship you face challenges and to make it better you are a christian for God sake, wen things like this happen you call on God nd not the lawyer,thats been fleshy!!


  7. LMAO Nigerians can be so daft , why can’t it be ttrue ? Men of God aren’t humans ? Jesus didn’t pray for the death to pass him? that’s what being human means so any human can do anything, even d bible placed a curse on anybody who relies or believes in his fellow human….#Be religious but not stupid

    • When u can spell “shut ” correctly come back and we can have relate , meanwhile go back that substance u taking #Bye

    • Lol read ur bible…it was written there , Christianity simple means christlike and am sure u know that …how can u be christlike if u dont see jesus as an example ? Like i said be religious but not?

  8. The press should leave this people alone.Are they the only couples in the world who is going through rough times?

  9. God bless you Pastor Anita, you have spoken well. A lot of women are passing through difficult times of self devaluation which is a very big problem. But with write-ups like this proffering solutions, is a big step for us. Thank you!

    • You are the only one that has been very genuine in your comment and sincere. Pls keep it up. many africa women have been wasted because of stupid endurance being preached all around.

  10. @allan. They are not showing good example. If God and the bible does not support divorce, then they are nothing but hypocrites.!

    • You are playing with your life, I pity you because something terrible will hit you if not change from nonsense talk

    • Peter do u read ur bible @ all ? Or u rely on evrythin ur pastor said on pulpit. God is against divorce and pastor chris is not fit 2 pastor a church if he cant put his house in order

    • Peter do u read ur bible @ all ? Or u rely on evrythin ur pastor said on pulpit. God is against divorce and pastor chris is not fit 2 pastor a church if he cant put his house in order

    • Craig C. Oduh watch yu dirty Mouth, don’t wake nd start write trash simply bcos u knw how tu, mind yu biz….

  11. Anita, I xpected you to talk in the area of forgiveness. whatever ur husband may hv done to u, where is ur forgivess? you can nvr cover up ursef on this. show a good example of christain leadership. why go to lawyer? where is God? i want to see you preach forgiveness, let me see how you will use ur words on that

  12. Anita, I xpected you to talk in the area of forgiveness. whatever ur husband may hv done to u, where is ur forgivess? you can nvr cover up ursef on this. show a good example of christain leadership. why go to lawyer? where is God? i want to see you preach forgiveness, let me see how you will use ur words on that

  13. U all try to criticise her, but we never know how long she had been holding up with the relationship. Even if a man is called by God to do his work, he also have the responsiblity of his home. A real man of God will also look after his home as his second duty assigned to him. She is tired and blive to go on with life. The children are no more kid but are old enough to tell if there mother or father is doing the right thing. Let me say something here, u may look good outside but the two people that can tell who ur true person is are your wife and children. Anita, the Lord is your strength, HE will watch over your home.

    • i guess you are wrong here. we all go through some sort of things but what is paramont here is what does sayest the Lord. the Marriage vow says”…for better for worst till death do us part” as we choose to please God in ALL and through the challenges, He makes all things beautiful in IT’s time.


  15. You can reconcile with your husband if you want to show the Christ like love. Go back to him to show the younger ones what to do when their marriages are in the troublous sea. God loves the union and is angry in divorce. Cheers!

  16. Any time you people talk nonsense, my pastor always moves higher. Keep talking while hes moving higher. You people are behand time and lack wisdom.

  17. People people people open up your eyes this is the battle of the dark kingdom against Good generals remember Benny hinn who just came out of it pray for them it’s an attack from the dark worlds!!!!!

  18. i just wonda y som pple wil make it dia ‘life’s calling’ to drink panadol for anoda person’s headache, u’v got ur own issues already, y dont u face dem squarely n quit b so damn judgmental…bsides, he hu wears d shoes knows where it pinches d most, Men of God are Human too not Saints u know…we all need to pray for God’s divine grace to see us thru…

  19. I jst pray God guilds my hand as I write my comprehensive take on pastor chris and anita issue. In the bible marriage is for commanionship which in a very long while pastor chris refused his wife dat feeling but paraded everywhere with female pastors and he did dis to other of his married pastors. Now christ embassy is not the biggest church in the world dat would warrant couples to live countries apart. In this life we re the enemies, kingdom of darkness of ourself. Living faith church, winners chapel happens to be the biggest and he promotes marriage companionship, practical examples is dat d pastors stay and carry deir families along wen stationed to any branch. If pastor chris calls his wife’s quest for been with her husband a canal way of life, does he say she shuld rather be an aldultral like himself becos clearly no man under d sun, unless he has cut off his manhood can stand d various tempation of female expecially as its on d high in christ embassy. Female pastors are even more dan male. And dese females are married. God that instituted marriage knew it was wrong for a man or woman to be alone. What is pastor anita’s offence? For been constantly on her knees praying he put marriage comanionship in fore fronts of every ministry? Becos we knw d devices of the devil here. This couple hardly spend a nite in same roof in a whole year! Nw he accused her of bad friends. If she sined in filing for a divorce but I guess it was a bid to make him realize and start to do things to better d marriage. But what did ur precious pastor chris do in return? Went about saying she was carnal, she is keeping bad friends, she is wanting to be on same level with him. Which is more carnal? He went ahead to delete her from rapsody of reality. Whiped anything dat concerns her like he was actually pushing her till she got to dat point so d blame will be directed to her for filing divorce in the first place. From my point of view he didn’t love anymore and wanted her out. Its a pshychological thing. He could hv used the platform he was using to criticize her to say nice and more appealing things dat will make her knw he can change at all. He would hv done things to remind her she was still his special wife instead of making her feel she was a baggage. Nw his reaction on social media and rapsody showed hw tyranny he is to his wife. The bible said if a thing won’t let u enter the kingdom cut it off. Your precious pastor is enjoying wat he is doing and is not willing to give dat up for his home. Don’t get me wrong nw. I pray for him and I guess anita still prays for him but he would hv not given in to dat divorce. There re things he would hv done to stop dat divorce. It was attention she wanted and dat can never be carnal for a faithful woman to her marriage. We Women re the enemies of ourselves. My summation might hv some wrong views but dats my point of view. It is not to spit anyone becos we don’t hv d right to spit any servant of God which is why d so much acclaimed direct reasons u expect from pastor anita will never hit d lite becos she knws she cannot say such no matter hw true it is. She rather live dat aspect to God. Even d bible says he who is mocked for righteousness sake, u knw the rest! Pls I will not be here to see any insult u might throw at me. God help us all!

  20. Bring, u are reasonable in ur write up. Though am a Muslim. But I like ur view because I see sincerity and understanding of purpose of marriage in it. Islamic stand is that if u can’t take care of a woman sexually and finacially, don’t marry her. A woman that u denied purpose of marriage will always either misbehave or call for help by divorce.

  21. Brenda, u are reasonable in ur write up. Though am a Muslim. But I like ur view because I see sincerity and understanding of purpose of marriage in it. Islamic stand is that if u can’t take care of a woman sexually and finacially, don’t marry her. A woman that u denied purpose of marriage will always either misbehave or call for help by divorce.

  22. Hello Anita, Your submission expresses maturity, discipline from a tried soul whose been through the fire; my regrets have never been the challenges both of you were passing through, when the enemy’s take on anybody becomes ominous. My regret has been with the way church folks kink their tongue in assasination of the very heritage that would have been preserved in God with love. I am standing with you in faith to see a turn around of things; God is supreme and there is nothing too hard for him to handle. Shalom.

  23. Marriage is honourable in all and the bed undefiled but whoremongers and adulterers GOD will jugde. No one is given the power to pass judgement on this issue cos God is seriously interested in it. Whether one is guilty or not should not be a thing of debate. Let us be extremely careful so we don’t take God’s place. And for anita, please know your right but don’t claim your right for the sake of heaven. Whether Pastor Chris parades himself with women or not you must learn to endure till the end (For they that will live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution but he that shall endue till the end the same shall be saved)

  24. though life is full of ups and down,but its quite outrageous to believe that this could happened to such reputable and well respected person in the society. so i felt for Anita but at the same time tells her to be courageous and move ahead because God said thy shall not judge.GOD save us.

  25. ‘WHAT GOD HAS JOINED TOGETHER, NO ONE CAN PUT ASUNDER’ Pastor is not a title reference in the court of law or best for law maker, not even for the best lecturer or motivational speaker etc. A pastor, i suppose, is a servant of God; working for God according to God’s statute, ordinance, and commandment. Jesus teaches that His disciples must live by exemplary example which is one aspect we will cherish so much from you and your husband. Hope is not lost yet, and i know your marriage can still work again in Jesus name. Stop appealing for sympathy of man but, rather be seeking the way of the living God. Your husband may have wrong you bitterly, please forgive each other so that you will be the true son and daughter of your Father in heaven. When Jesus humble himself by allowing John the Baptist to bend down his head in the river for baptism; heaven opened, God spoken from heaven and acknowledged Jesus as a Beloved Son and everyone heard the voice of God very clearly. Immediately, the Spirit of God led Jesus into the wilderness, but Jesus handled the situation in the wilderness carefully and never allowed satan to take him away from God. You can defeat the evil in your marriage by emulating Jesus. How? Jesus shuns evil temptations and all his subtleness, at the end satan left him and the angel start to ministered to him. The ministry of God is not the ministry of man; stop justifying self-righteousness; its true God does not tempt anyone but surely if God did not test your faith, then you’re illegitimate and not son or daughter of God. Read your Bible, Pastor. This situation in your marriage is your wilderness, please go ahead and pass the test for your followers to emulate. The popular road leads to destruction but the narrow way of obedience and perseverance lead to heaven. But if your concern is to satisfy the world and self, yes, i am indeed very wrong. Pardon me for all i have said but lend me your hand to take you away from sinking in the ocean of self-will. Your husband also need to listen to your complain very carefully but when two of you final agreed to put the differences behind please stay with your husband wherever he lives. The distance between two of you is a great barrier to peaceful marriage. Jesus loves two of you as husband and wife. God loves the world to save those who believes; Jesus came to lead believers to God, so what are you giving up in exchange for your imperfection in this world. Do you know we have to forgive those who wrong us before heavenly Father we forgive us our own sin. Jesus said those who loves me, obeys my Father’s commandment. What God has joined together no one (include husband or wife) can put asunder. The world is passing away but the word of God will remain forever more. The grace of God is My strength. Thurs. 27th Aug. 2015.

  26. I have always admired you and Chris as a perfect pair. Hence I felt very disturbed when I first heard about a possible separation between you. But I am a believer in destinies, and that all things happen for our goodness and to glorify God’s name. I also believe that individuals should not compromise on their peace of mind, and living in peace with everyone as possible. As I marriage counsellor from Christian and Bible teaching view points for a few years now, and one that has been married for 37 years, with all the problems in marriage not excluding me, I pray God to direct and guide your steps. Life is not marriage nor marriage life but the relationship. I wish you will allow direct and nd private communication between us from time to time. Cheers lovely Pastor Anita

  27. Both couple has forgotten the Lord and am afraid what will be their take if rapture should take place now. Friends please pray for their restoration from their backsliden state.

  28. I have come to realise that nothing is permanent. Pain is a fact of life, it is inevitable but suffering is optional. You can do something to change the pain by over looking every obstacle, take control as a force of nature to grow and expand. Do what is necessary now to use the gift God has given you to unleash your purpose. Your above Quote is gud but does not affect your marriage for marriage is honorable and bed undify as such i believe that you are to make home for man build a house woman makes a home. No matter what happened, you stand in the best way to solve it…and this is internal or external ….but if this comment have been by imposter,the impostor should think well and go for apology because you can not play with God’s anopinted

  29. 1 Timothy 3v1&2 there you will see what is Required of a Bishop …. let’s not forget they need our PRAYERS

  30. You have not really said anything anita, you just full of pride, my advice for you as it is in the bible go make your marriage work.

    • honestly i dont want to believe this is happening….but if true pls mrs Anita swallow i no go gree attitude and go n reconcile wit ur husband…bcos to me i didnt hear any serious thing that can warrant u divorcin ur husband….if is bcos he doesnt always visit u..why not pack ur things and be followin him up n down where ever he goes after all money is there…there are many ways u settle dis matter quitely without d world hearing it…….bcos many souls are going to loss just bcos this single act…..those things u call misearable life is paradise life to many nigerian women…..they will be happy enjoyin d wealth n fame of d husband…..

  31. God hate divorce “Pastor”. Your first Ministry is your Husband and if you cannot get that right, you do not have a Ministry. You will end mislead innocent pre-mature people.

  32. i wont call u pastor, because u dont follow what bible says. 2 u have not really tell us why u devioce your husband, will want to no because GOD did not say woman should devioce there husband for know reason, even when eve make adam to eat the forbiding fruit, GOD did not seprate them because of that, so what is the cause of your devioce?

  33. Pls woman of God pls i beg u 2 pls go back 2 ur husband ur well acquainted with d word of God why doing dis no matter what know dat d unbelievers is watching u.

  34. Anita has no better thing to offer. I thought she has a better reason. She is being carried away from her husband’s house by selfish motives and carnal thoughts of acquiring absolute freedom. An army of God endures hardness of thing for chirst sake. He that Warren entangle not himself to the affairs of this life that he might please him that called to be a soldier 2 Timothy 2:4


  36. Does husband mean d male partner in a relationship…? Does a wife have equal authority with her husband in a marriage union…? what does d bible say HUSBAND mean…? what does d bible say WIFE mean…? Did d bible make Husband and Wife EQUAL PARTNERS, CO-PARTNERS, EQUALS…..? Genesis 2:18 answered these question. Is an help meet a supervisor or a partner?????? HUSBAND means MASTER… WIFE?

  37. em… you av all spoken well… but serioualy i hope pastor anita sees this post… why did u think devorce was the next option… u are a daughter of d living GOD.. so many people are looking up to you… at least… one soul must have left the FAITH because of your actions… when things go wrong… we should fix it…and not quit it.. JESUS never gave up on u… so why would u give up on him… its never too late ma… you can FIX this… GOD gives HIS greatest battles to HIS bravest souldiers… DONT QUIT IT… JUST FIX IT … God help us all…

  38. Sister Anita, you have not told us why seek divorce, but I hope you do understand the implications of divorce in Christiandom. I don’t think a complainant can also be the judge

  39. No matter how big a Church or ministry is once it is fake it is fake. From inception i knew this Christ embassy was a fake Church and was waiting for God to expose them now God has done it so you and your ex husband should save your excuses for the devil when you stand right in front of the gate of hell. Nothing is real about you, your husband and his pastors that keep impregnating members shame.

  40. pls pls and pls,in issues that concern the anointed,we have to b very careful d way we intrude in their affairs cos I know God knew and saw this and yet allowed it happen,this means that he has an opinion and about to make us learn from where he’s driving us to.I advice we just watch things unfold themselves as we will hear more from them

  41. Dear Anita , your life cannot be lived alone go reconcile with your husband then you can minister to others, tell me in your own Bible the book or chapter where it is written that divorce is allowed , my dear, that idea is satanic,devilish and capable of denying you of making heaven

  42. Let just follow what the bible preaches. These people we are debating on here are just interpreters of the world of God. They are humans like us. Follow the word of God and do what the bible tells us to do and leave the rest to God. The judgement day will differentiate the good from the bad. Enjoy


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