News Donald Trump’s daughter stirs anger for sitting at her dad’s desk

Donald Trump’s daughter stirs anger for sitting at her dad’s desk


Widely considered America’s unofficial First Lady, Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to share a photograph of herself with her father and Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

However, many expressed outrage at her for sitting on the seat reserved for the president.

They claimed that, considering the fact there has never been a female President, the first woman who does should have rightfully earned it.

Many pointed out she hadn’t earned the seat of the table, and was only there because she has a rich father, and wondered what the reaction would be if Obama had shared similar images of one of his daughters sitting at the desk.

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  1. In Nigeria where I come from, u don’t try DAT…… can u be sitting while ur fada is standing ni. Do u want to die????

  2. In Africa it is a tabul, and is prohibited because every senior in the family that seniors you, just respect him, when ever he comes give him the site, if I was there OMO I go beat this girl like die ni z them come pay your pride prize.

  3. Come to nigeria come nd try dat, but did u know it makes sense as their position is arranged if trump or d oda man sit down d photograph wount make sense as it is now

  4. President D.Trump actually adores his daughter like crazy!!!…You all should see the body chemistry between him and his “wife”,more like a robot being controlled by a remote control…

  5. She is daddy’s girl.The chemistry between dads and their daughters just like that between mums& their sons is such that if a daughter sees any woman coming to take the place of her mum,she gets so jealous as if she can be daughter& wife at the same time


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