Viral News If you don’t have a car, this lady says she won’t go...

If you don’t have a car, this lady says she won’t go on a date with you


Even Uber?

This lady has said she cannot go out on a date with a guy if he doesn’t have a car.. She says she cannot be hopping and jumping from one Taxi/Public bus to another.

See People’s Response to her opinion…



  1. Why ur Papa no buy you car…abi no be ur mate just bought rangerover sport worth 90mil…mumu girl

  2. you be jaye jaye girl u can not make a good home because u can not bear the hard times in marriage u are only good for friendship not marriage.

  3. For all the guys that like taking taxi and sometimes treking, are u comfortable with urself 4 just that?

  4. Don’t worry sweetheart I’ve two flasy cars and so re my 8 other friends, we’ll date and fuck you since that’s all u re very good at#Good4FuckOnly#

  5. Ur way pure,until u meet or date a guy with a stolen car that’s when you will even know that A girlfriend of a thief is a thief

  6. hmmm that’s fine is noted by him but now he saying after I hustle and buy a car I will date a virgin

  7. When some guys say that they will marry only virgins then u start to complain.Do u think what u are saying is fair? We hear u!

  8. My sister… There is nothing wrong with you also owning a car. You can at least hung out with it. A lot of your age mates can boast of about 5 cars and you are there waiting to jump into another own

  9. The lady is a sex worker. Can’t you here it from her speech?Pray you don’t fall in the hands of men who will use you for rituals to buy new cars.

  10. My sister cum closer, closer, a little, don’t be afraid, now knee down, now say after me, Dear God, in any that my family has offend u that no one has a car, pls 4give them….

  11. some girls house belike eww!yet they stuns out forming what. you re. not ….no pain no gain sentimental bullshit

  12. She is a Fool with capital ‘F’. Dats ow dey die nd are used 4 rituals. u dn’t know ow he gat d money 2 buy d car who knows if he even stole it.

  13. Lol…dont chase ur own success..and keep waiting around to be driven in someone else’s is wrong wif some ladies dis days. Youd even feel more comfortable in ur own car.

  14. looking for ready made to date is this not a foolishness lagos was not build in a single day you have to start some where with your date lover gradually you will own a car unless if both of you are not ambitious,or its an advice from your parent or are you born with silver and spoon however is not a reason for that pls seek the counselor you need guidance

  15. She will soon die is all I have for u,am just laughing I don’t no what to say am speachless

  16. The person that will used you as rag and dump you will not have a bicycle, but he definitely come to you with car.. U will soon end up in they hands of evildoers, then u will no that not all that wear suite work in BANK.

  17. Dat is ur business. Must u tell us? Rubbish ,go and get ur own car. Cos u are not forbidden to get one

  18. But you should get your self one I know many of your mate that are Nurses, Doctors,lawyers,Bankers,that owns theirs still not married.

  19. U are a monkey dont go and work hard to get ur own na ur mate dey by car dey build house bloody liability

  20. Hw many cars does her father or grand father or even great grand father has….stupid whore….ashawo oshi…banza…kitikpa gba gbuo gi dia

  21. If all guys dsyd 2 go on dates wit gals who only ve cars will u eva go on a date in ur entire lyf???anywy its a challeng 4d guys 2 double dia husttle..

  22. I understand dt ur problem is a car, just car. Inbox me ur account info and d model/year of a car u wish.

  23. just click d link below and register its free it does no require money to start up its free with $25 joined bonus already bye bye to recession wink

  24. Sorry o aunty what you said it doesn’t make sense what about if God has destined to marry a man with out a car or even keke or okada (bike)

  25. Bae dnt need stress atall, guys hussle and get a car so bae dosnt stress her self jumping her ass up nd down,hahahahahaahahahaah Lazy ass girl why not get ur self a car nah ?

  26. Swtheart pls I wnt a date wit u cos I’ve wat I more dan a car dat is cattle nd u knw is veri expensive dis season

  27. I hope by now she get private plan,you nr get wheelbarrow you dey find limousine mtcheeew

  28. My dear, as u can see I have two private cars and ready to date u if only you are a virgin .So what is ur say to this .

  29. By the time you realize urself, u will be 50yrs and still jumping from one car to another! Miss car??

  30. Sooner or later you possessed of planet mercury will start going from church to church, crusade to crusade looking for help, these are the once that causes church building collapse with their demonic companies.

  31. If It’s A Joke No P.But if u’re serious,i thing u’ll fooling urself bcos i’ll hire a car just to get what i want..

  32. lol, yeye gal, u c taxi dey complain, ask gals dat stil jump keke wit deir men. I knw say na joke sha

  33. I wish u God gift pls stop insulting d young girl is just to advice her for wat to do like being a hard worker not to be a haul and die in pains tnks everyone, young girl go look for work to do even if u”ll be played 25000/15000 monthly pls do for a liven, which I pray for God to give u d best car in 9ja

  34. Say Amen, pls read my status on Facebook and read d Bible u’ll get wat u want but not to date car owners


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