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‘I Don’t Know You, Stop Writing About My Family’ _ Tonto Dikeh Slams Uche Maduagwu


'I Don't Know You, Stop Writing About My Family' _ Tonto Dikeh Slams Uche MaduagwuUche Maduagwu has been having a lot to say about Tonto Dikeh’ marriage.

In one post, he claims to details about her failed marriage even before it became public.

In another, he stated that  Tonto Dikeh’s husband, Churchill is having and affair with her bestie Swanky Jerry, and that he has lots of Bobrisky’s racy photos on his phone.

Well, Tonto Dikeh declines knowing Uche and in fact, told him to mind his business.

Tonto writes that she doesn’t have his number to chat with him at all, and he should let people know the truth as a birthday gift for her son who is a year old today.

Read her lengthy exposê below:

“Hi Uche it’s been brought to my knowledge about Our suppose friendship and About me opening up to you about My life..First of i appreciate you as I see Actor written on your page,this post is not TO ridicule you or non of that but Please I beg you to stop!!
I don’t have friends,I don’t speak to people about my life Be it good or bad..Yes I will love to be your friend someday as I will never be one to judge or condemn BUT FOR NOW we are not Cos we don’t know each other..WE don’t even have our digits to talk more of TO have Phone call conversations!!!
Please I have a son I am living for and I want him to grow up to love and respect me and his father no matter what,Not to discredit YOU I have read incredible stuffs off your page but this isn’t Healthy for me and my Baby ATM..
I also understand that we have too many imposters as Tonto Dikeh,Just to make excuses for all of this.Maybe you are been scammed thinking you are talking to me but MY COLLEAGUE AM A SIMPLE Lil girl who minds her business and keeps away from People..
Please do this as a birthday gift for my son,Make it right!! LET THESE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS,this is hurting too many people..Please I beg of you
It’s your page I can’t tell you what to post and not to but am begging you to stop personalizing your messages Like I said..
Remember this post isn’t to bring you down,I Wld love to be your friend someday but Am not the friend you have now you are speaking with..God bless you for understanding why this post has to go Up here..I will be deleting this ASAP••• I love you with the love of God and I pray you take this well..Thank you so much Mr”

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  1. If this guy used the time he spent on writing about Tonto marriage to write a movie script I think he will be richer.. I don’t know if Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe won Noble Prices by writing about people marriages.. Nonsense..

  2. Everyone especially politician and pastors wanna be rich illegally… buhari is not looking for them ooo but hell await them

  3. Upon all the noise from this uncle na im pesin go fall ya hand!!.Just mind your business!!

  4. 1. I got a dig bick 2. You that read wrong 3. You read that wrong too 4. You checked 5. You smiled 7. You are wondering why you’re still this reading this 8. You saw that mistake… right? (On 7) 10. But did you see that I skipped 6? 10. You checked 11. And saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 9 12. I said saw you, not you saw 13. I also skipped 2 14. You got tricked 15. I’m just wasting your time go back to reading the comments

  5. Life isn’t eazy. If people talk ebou u, my dear, u should know ur excelling. So Tonto, I advise u see and take dat as ah challenge in lyf which has been handled.

  6. I don’t know why some people can’t mind their business, keep their mouth shut and stay on their lane. Eh?

  7. My dear. That’s why we should not bring out our homes out no matter what. Anybody now can come in coz u invite pple to ur family.

  8. Why can’t you mind your own life and live tonto To live her own. Even if she is fake is her is her palaver

  9. But he said something to support you rather than your husband and you told him thank you, now u say u don’t know him? Hmmmmm OK o

    • He’s going too far…imagine accusing Tonto’s husband of having an affair with gays…what’s he up to…if Uche love Tonto as a friend he should try and make her make up with her hubby and not put more fire.

    • I understand dear,that’s what happens when there’s a crack in the wall,when she got married some people were happy,some were sad,once third party who doesn’t have sense comes in,things will spoil more.


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