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Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Bag- Actress Anita Joseph to Ladies


Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, took to Instagram to share some wise words with her female fans who are single.

Anita wrote,

“Relationships are very complicated.Listen to me all ma Single Ladies
Do Not
I repeat
Do Not
Put all ur eggs In one bag.Incase dat 1 door closes,Use d other door.If d other is closedThen build another Door??”



  1. Maybe she didn’t put all her eggs in one basket, But wait let me even ask, Is she married now?

  2. We don’t need this advice,if we start dating different guys or men,don’t you know how life is are stake.

  3. Why are you advising our ladies to double date? If you don’t have any good advice just keep it to yourself. Ladies, trust in God and he will give you the man of your dreams.

  4. A hoe trying to advice girls. Well to the best of my knowledge only a foolish girl would deliberately give her body/heart to different guys.. She’s not a good person with a good standing. All her life has been full of controversy and yet just the other day she was involved with a stupid porn drama. What a stupid life some people live..

    • Bros Joseph, tell us. Are you are real Dog? You seem to know the real bitch too well… (Na joke o)

  5. Slippers get size. Imagine 2year old dey advise 70year old person. Pls of u have common sense dnt evn bother opening d link.

  6. And were has this ur advice landed u??? Are u married & responsible now?? Ashawo way wan make other babes b like am…U wanna justify ur promiscuity..#Kolewerk…..Continue putting ur eggs in 10baskets until menopause catches up wit u….everlasting idiot

  7. And if guys do this, they say he’s cheating…… Wow. I guess we guys need to be wise on dealing with women

  8. Many ladies have heeded this kind of advice of not putting all their eggs in one bag and have put their glory in different spiritual cages with ritualists who entice them with big money.After all,they are only entertaining Abu with Abu’s money…..

  9. Special adviser to single ladies.. How many basket did u put ur eggs? Hope u will provide the basket for the singles as well…???

  10. Is this not the aunty that refuse to collect money to do blue film? It’s her na… Wetin she dey advice about, you don baff abi u don dress well? So now u are advising girls to be like you doing pion pion pion in every pocket.

  11. My mistake o, she collected the money and do blue film and come and say she did not collect. Girls no mind her, if u follow her advice u will be like her, iya apati wey never marry dey open body everywhere. Girls, love, trust but be careful, life is short.


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