News EFCC discovers $9.2m and £74,000 cash in former Managing Director of...

EFCC discovers $9.2m and £74,000 cash in former Managing Director of NNPC House


According to Sahara Reporters, here’s how the reported it.

BREAKING: @officialEFCC just found $9.2m cash and £74,000 after raiding the home of a former GMD of @NNPCgroup Andrew Yakubu in Kaduna.

We would bring you more new as the story develops.



  1. Yea this story happen in River state well done job to economic financial crime comittion I love them for this money they find out the should plan how to make use of the capital before it been diverted to another 419

  2. This is serious oh. what is he doing with that amount of money in his house. why not put that in ur bank aact

  3. This man is rich. Did they first of all find out how the man got the money, not because he was once a manager director of NNPC house oh… Besides, why will d man put such amounts inside his house. The man dey fear to carry am go put for bank? Nawa with him oh

  4. Does the EFCC declare all the money they find in all these supposed greedy people’s homes???

  5. #Wehdon sir!!..You dey keep the money for Nigerians abi?..Ride on I am observing you from the high places!!

  6. And so are they gonna arrest him for having 9.7millions? And fail to arrest people that had over 20billions of stolen naira

  7. Naw buhari will be blame for the recession where all this looters has finish the country already

  8. Haba for what? You wan carry am go heaven… Even u won’t be at peace with that huge amount in your house… When we re many outside hungry… God is watching you oooo

  9. All this money looters dont they hav a heart, all that money are pples money but one person go pack am, nice one efcc u are now doing ur job in the appropriate way

  10. did i hear u say 9.2m for house? in dis country no i dnt agree this must be another story

  11. oga all our money for dis country don enter for this ur fat face…chop and remain fr us abeg

  12. These one of the reason dollar is increasing geometrically. All these politicians and top government officials have huge amount of dollars at their homes. They tot buhari would change the currency of the country . That’s d only way they could hide their stolen money.

  13. And u expect dollars to go down? If buhari gave them chance to steal openly like Jonathan did, dollars would have remained as it was before and these group of people will be controlling the country even more than the president. Let dollars rise to 1000#,then we will all open our eyes. We compare ourselves with other small countries in Africa saying our money has no value cos of their exchange rates. These countries don’t import much, dey consume what they produce. They can’t even afford to pay exorbitant charges on imports. But us here can buy anything from USA, even go out on holidays 4 times in a month and buhari is heartless, he’s wicked and he’s this and that. When he leaves things and oil becomes thrash in d market, very sure it will in 5-8yrs time, then we will learn how hard things will be.

  14. Dats no news again is in their character to take our money but all dis money dat are been recovered were are dey? Just asking


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