Entertainment News Read Toyin Aimakhu’s Message To Nigerians!

Read Toyin Aimakhu’s Message To Nigerians!


Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu-Johnson is concerned about the effect of technology nowadays. She took her time to reach out to Nigerians.

Read the message she sent to Nigerians: 

“It has come to my attention that people are no longer taking life seriously. As a concerned citizen, i feel it is high time we started a campaign or raise sort of awareness about the use of technology while others are literally in a life and death situation.

I witnessed a fatal accident between a large vehicle and a tricycle some weeks ago and to my utmost shock, people brought out their mobile phones and began filming the scene of accident. It was such a horrible sight to behold. I had to step out of my vehicle to bring them to an hospital nearby, with the help of others. 

Similar incident was posted a while back on facebook, and as a concerted citizen, i feel Nigerians are slowly loosing their human interaction. Technology and internet is quickly replacing that natural instinct to help others in time of need, especially when we can do something to help in an accident.
We are Nigerians and are cultured people with the best morals and orientation, we should not, in any way forget our roots, that before mobile phones, internet, ipad etc, there were proper and physical human interaction where our instincts tells us help people out of a burning fire or from the collision of vehicles. 
Do not replace living with technology, let us help each other before making videos or taking pictures and together, stand for what is right and cultured.”

Toyin Aimakhu Johnson.



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