Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Empress Njama Speaks on Not Getting Married

Empress Njama Speaks on Not Getting Married


Empress Njama Speaks on Not Getting Married

In a recent interview with Saturday Beats, Nollywood actress, Empress Njama talked about why she’s not yet married.

When asked how she feel when people ask her why she had not yet married, the actress said, “I feel like a woman who is not yet married. I am a realist. I am not the kind of woman who thinks that things just come to you. It will come at some point. It is not easy for people like us in the limelight unlike others. What kills us sometimes, is wanting to be perfect. A lot of people who fancy you probably don’t fancy being in the news.”

On ‘Baby-Mamas’ trend in the entertainment industry, Empress said, “Most of them, who pretend that they are happy about being ‘Baby Mamas’ go home and feel sorry for themselves wishing that have a proper man.

“I have friends who feel that they have got to a certain age and they are not taken. These days, there are 30 women to a man. There is no pressure on me for not being married because I come from an enlightened family.

“Most of the things happening in the industry are not encouraging. This week, you are happy and have a big wedding, the next, you have broken up. What is the essence?”



  1. Babes go gt married dts d best tin dt will eva happen to u.live all ds “am nt getting mRried now ” and am getting married at Gods time tinz.ur jst reminding men ur still single.wn ur ready to marry God himslef will knw.wish ya d besr.xoxoxo

  2. Wetin concern me…am just attracted by ur make-up just wondering how many layers…of cosmetic u used choooiiii


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