Art & Humour Family Man Allegedly Steals 12 Wraps of Fufu and Pot of Soup

Family Man Allegedly Steals 12 Wraps of Fufu and Pot of Soup



My people, there is absolutely no kind of Reggae and Blues we won’t hear in this our recession. So reports reaching us have it that a family man in Bayelsa, Kaduna Eradiri, was arrested by the vigilante group in Yenagoa for allegedly sneaking into a restaurant in the middle of the night and stealing a pot of soup and 12 solid wraps of fufu.

Guardian is reporting that the local vigilante group caught the 35-year-old father of two literally red-handed, in the process of consuming the pot of soup and over a dozen wraps of fufu from a canteen in the area in the midnight of Thursday.

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“We were on patrol around 2:00a.m. When we got to the Timida School area, we saw a man at a local food joint eating,” head of the vigilante group, MoneySweet Asomo explained. “We questioned the culprit and he confessed to have stolen a pot of soup, some wraps of fufu and half basin of garri. He claimed it was the economic hardship that led him to the heinous act.”

The alleged thief on the other hand, claimed he only stole the prepared food to feed his wife and two children. Why he was caught feeding himself at the crime scene and not his family though is a story for the gods.

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As his punishment, the paramount ruler of Epie Kingdom, Hope Green Adike, ordered that the Fufu-thief be paraded around the community with his bounty. After the parade, he was made to eat from the ‘fufu’ of his labours and the left-over, he was given leave to take home.

The owner of the canteen though, said she doesn’t have money for police wahala and will therefore allow the man go scot-free.



  1. People abeg, nor b every thief matter wey una see una go de retaliate, una no see say na hungry make am do am ? Una suppose contribute smol money give am , make em use am hold body. Abeg make una forgive am, na alarm de shiam so, make una temper justice with mercy abeg.


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