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My Family Refused To Attend My Wedding Because I Married A Physically Challenged Woman – Groom


Refused To Attend My Wedding Because I Married A Physically Challenged WomanIsaac and Constance Obasogie got married on July 9, 2016 and their wedding pictures went viral. They talked about their story a recent chat with Kemiashefonlovehaven. Here is an excerpt:

Q: Where did you meet each other?

Constance: In 2009 at the Delta State University, where we were undergraduates. Isaac came to check on my roommate.

Isaac: As I was about leaving the room, the spirit of God told me, “Tell her that she can walk.” I told Nancy.

Q: I visited Nancy again and luckily, I met Constance.

.Constance: In the first semester of my 100 level, I missed a lot of classes due to this. So, Isaac volunteered to be taking me to and fro classes and church.

Q: Isaac, when you graduated, who was taking her?

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Isaac: I had to stay back in school after graduation so as to help her with her movement. I was exempted from national youth service and I was offered a job in school. I stayed back for two years.

Q: What attracted her to you?

Isaac: I can’t explain. First I saw a woman who is respectful. Character, to me, is beauty not the physical looks. Also, she won me over with the food she cooked. I asked her if she would be the mother of my children and she told me that she knew the first day I knocked on the door that I would be her husband.

Q: When you told your parents that you were getting married, what was the reaction?

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Isaac: They said never! I told them that this is what God really wants for me. They said that I am the first son of 7 children and that it’s a shame to the family.

Q: Did they come for the wedding?

Isaac: No, my parents and younger siblings didn’t. I have not called my father but I intend to apologise for disobeying him.

Q: How did you feel when you didn’t see your in-laws at the wedding?

Constance: I felt sad but I know in this part of the world, it’s not easy accepting a condition like mine. I believe with time they will understand. I put myself and my parents in their shoes. With faith, we will conquer.



  1. Hey, slow down man! U didnt marry her bcos she is physically challenged, U married her bcos something attracted u to her which was LOVE. You looked beyond her outward appearance. Kudos man. But if u try marrying someone u dont love bcos u want 2 please ur parents, u may end up hating urself. Though not all parent love their child to marry a physically disabled person

  2. You know what you saw that made you marry her, this is Africa and your family members behaved like Africans, what they didn’t know is that God may have want to work a miracle in that girl’s life and you are the tool for that. I pray your home is blessed and God will open the eyes of your family members to understand

  3. Alright!..You married an handicap?..*why must we label human beings a name that we all know was not by their own choice?..For me you married the love of your life and you have no idea how God wants to make your marriage a living testimony of the power of love under divine guidance and control…God knows what he is doing!!

  4. Dude, u married her bcos u love her abi? Ehen, 4get wat ur parents did or did not do on ur wedding day. That doesnt matter. One day, they will come begging

  5. You did not marry her bcos of our physical look,you marry bcOs you love her,congratulation man, God bless your home

  6. Wish them all the very best… The only obstacle that’s left before them is that of the groom’s family, but if that can be settled they would enjoy their relationship

  7. You married your love not an handicap okay? And if your parent refuse to show up for your wedding, don’t be sad because family is family and they will always come around. Wish you happiness

  8. It’s annoying but damn it when families want to decide who we marry. Yours is her family. Mine is more. So bad we have to experience ugly things in the name of love.

  9. Eyah very touching God will honour u n raise d 2 of You Up that ur family wikk have no choice but to want to recognize with U both. Amen

  10. Very lovely to see men following their heart and not a dictation from thier parent. Enjoy your happiness to the fullest bruh

  11. Gods ways is different from the ways of men. U love her that’s y U married her, as for yr parents they did wat every other parents would have done, with time they will understand. Happy married life

  12. She will walk again. Thanks for loving her., they shud put themselves in d girl’s shoe, it can happen to anyone.

  13. U r indeed a great man of man the Bible said ye that findeth a wife findeth a new thing God is about to do a new thing in ur also forget he is the God of everything he is a miracle worker so av fun with ur wife. God blesses you.

  14. Great man,u choose a wife who is good for u, not for ur parents. God will bless ur marriage. that’s Nigerians parents for u.I believe one day,they will come around.

  15. Forget them, some parent misbehave a lot, the are only after their happiness not minding yours. Cheers my man, u are extraordinary.

  16. When she becomes a billionairess now, dey wee com an be calling her “our darling daughter”

  17. They are not serious. Are they God who made her, oh boy if u love her and u did not marry her may be because she is rich or her family is, and if u know u will not cheat on her at later days of the marriage. That you truly love her and will care for her GO ahead with your wedding and enjoy life together. I wish u the best.


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