Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Fan Slams Skales’ Boo, Rapper Fires Back

Fan Slams Skales’ Boo, Rapper Fires Back


A fan called out Skale’s girlfriend, Leylah, for dating the rapper because of his celebrity status.

Skales fired back at the fan for not minding his business. Read their rants below.



  1. Lol… Fire for fire. It’s their own business. There is nothing u will do or no step to take that people especially d Nigerians won’t talk abt… Abeg Skales, leave them alone. That’s why they are called CRITICS. That is their profession. You can’t escape from them as long as they know u… They are everywhere…

  2. Some fans no they mind their business…. Good talent dey no get dan to gossip or insult… Mteeeew make I cum dey go jare

  3. May God help us all oh… Celebrities within and outside this country are not safe in Nigerians mouths…

  4. una go dey slam slam wts wrong wit una sef. naija too like insulting. once some people don get 5mb for phone like dis na rubbish dem go dey do for facebook.

  5. In case you cannot open the link,the fan said Skales’ boo is dating Skales that his beards is like goat shit,then Skales said it is your father that his beard is like goat shit…..

  6. If nobody talks about u den u re nobody….. Let dem say wot dey wanna say….na dem get deir mouth dey should use it d way dey like…….untill thunder visit dem


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