Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Fans Blast Toke Makinwa Over ‘Failed Toes Bleaching’ (Photo)

Fans Blast Toke Makinwa Over ‘Failed Toes Bleaching’ (Photo)


image.aspxAlthough, she has adapted to thick skin against all sorts of harsh words thrown at her, controversial OAP and Vlogger, Toke Makinwa has provoked her fans again on social media with her recent photo.

Well, Toke has always been a subject on social media and this time she kept her Instagram followers busy cursing at her for allegedly failed ‘toes bleaching’.

She posted a photo as she tries to promote a Top she got from Experience Zazali. In her post, she wrote “It’s a wrap!!!!! Today was such a long day on the set of Moments. After 6 hours of radio….. We do this! Feeling like Erykah Badu here. Top from @experiencezazaii”

The vlogger got a lot reacting on her toes, see some screen shots below..



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  1. i wonder y ppl are so mean to these celebs. Y question ones way of life! Its her money she spending doing all that so whether she looks like a ghost or not..its not upto us to say some. Infact those who are so much into other ppls lives are the haunted ones! But at the end of the day she remains to be her…the celeb n you the nobody!


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