Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Freeze mocks RCCG for advertising Failed MMM

Freeze mocks RCCG for advertising Failed MMM


Freeze of CoolFm is back at RCCG for supporting the erstwhile booming MMM.

He quoted 2nd Peter Chapter 2 verse 3 which says: “In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.”

The poster of the ponzi scheme was advertised inside a Redeemed Christian Church of God. Freeze condemned the act and asked people to be more vigilant to avoid falling victim to such schemes.

"Bible didn’t condemn premarital sex, having concubines" – Daddy Freeze

“Just like that MMM folded up, Na wa o! –
Despite the fact that it was advertised in church, with all the tithe and offering paid out of the proceeds? –
Are we just going to forget this ever happened? People didn’t learn from wealth solution, successpoint or NOSPECTO in the past.
Now are we going to choose to ignore the lessons from MMM too? With our current crop of churches and with the state of the economy in such disarray, I’m not sure many benefitted from this painful lesson, taught in the school of hard knocks. ~FRZ

2nd Peter Chapter 2 verse 3:
In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.

Good afternoon everyone.” he wrote.

"Ask Your Pastor To Share The Bible Verses Where God Mandated Tithing"- Eldee



  1. Daddy freeze when you go freeze your mouth!!..Na by force to comment another pesin matter

  2. Mtweeeew…. Freeze again go ahead n run your mouth.. Who cares. But for those who think redeem promote MMM… I believe this an hall which redeem rent to do their service…. Not only d church use it but d hall is also used for different occasions

    • Wot a very big fool u are defending church as if church’s name will take u to heaven.. Idiot…..u are seen MMM banner on the alter been explained by the teacher in promoting the scheme with redeem wall design there.yet u dey defend ur stupid church….hope una go carry this church go heaven oooo……u Christians of today are renowned dullards..una just turn slave to pastor and church that u can’t defend pastor and his church with ur blood….una mumu sha

    • Mr Kush Bishop pls who you eep? Am I not entitled to my opinion?morova aw dere u cum under my own comment n insult me?… See u, no brain, empty head black brain like your skin. Oh sorry your brain his really paining you… See your eyes like NEPA bill…. Na thunder go strick you.

    • Dat kush stupid like his name kush gollible fellow. Go to his wall n see aw he pose… U no well

  3. This Daddy freeze is becoming a nuisance, pls somebody should tell him we are still suffering kemi olunloyo, we don’t need another kemi in this country abeg

  4. Hmmmmm pls I can’t stop laughing oooooo. Why z mmm’s bana doing inside a church. Abi dey want mavro too 4 church project

  5. Lol Sincerely sometimes this man makes sense so we shouldn’t always take all he says as rubbish

  6. Lol, Freeze and im daily attack. Shebi dem don warn am, make im no dey talk against pastors. Make im leave dem kpa kpa. We we know say dem corrupt

  7. This freeze sef…. The day the wrath of God go come upon am, he go physically freeze to death…..

  8. This guy loves danger. If he is putting himself in this kind of risk, he should at least consider his family first. This man don’t like his life. Is it everything u must talk about? Nawa oh..

  9. Who that person Jux come closer …. Closer Closer ….. Small More closer …. Kneel down lemme pray for u I was revealed that MMM has eat ur destiny deeper


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