Viral News Friends Take Photos of Dying Student thinking She was Doing the #DeadPose...

Friends Take Photos of Dying Student thinking She was Doing the #DeadPose Challenge

Friends Take Photos of Dying Student thinking She was Doing the #DeadPose Challenge#DeadPose challenge is a popular South African trend which people pose as if they’re dead for the camera but this challenge went awry in a sad story.
This is the case of a South African girl who suffered a seizure while performing the challenge for her friends who cheered and took pictures of her.
Live Monitor reports that the 19-year-old medical student, identified as Tshidi Ngwenya had earlier posted a series of pictures performing the challenge, before deciding to make it a reality to perform the pose

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Unfortunately, the challenge went the wrong way as she suffered a seizure, collapsed and died while her cheering friends had no idea of her distressed situation.

Some minutes later, one of the friends realized that she was not moving, checked her and noticed she had choked after swallowing her tongue.
After a desperate attempt to revive her as they waited on paramedics, she died before the ambulance arrived.
One of the paramedics said:
 ‘Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the ambulance crew, nothing could be done to save her. If her friends had noticed early, she would be alive now”

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  1. I wonder who brought this deadpose challenge from South Africa to Nigeria, now that south African girl have lost her life because of that deadpose nonsense, Rip anyway

  2. Lol… Maybe d girl is known to be doing that. Because they can’t just assume someone is seriously faking her death… Though it’s sad

  3. Nawa. All these nonsense challenge sha. Though, from my experience of “the boy who cried wolf” I know some people are always found lying so maybe she’s part of them buy anyway, may her soul RIP


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