Viral News “He Only Gave Me Two N500 Notes” – Physically Challenged Lady Raises...

“He Only Gave Me Two N500 Notes” – Physically Challenged Lady Raises Alarm Over Viral Photos Of Her With Her Helper


30-year-old Bosede Adelani was at a junction on Acme Road, Lagos when a man, Adepeju Olukokun, approached her. That was on the morning of Thursday, January 19, 2017,If you missed it, click HERE…

A physically challenged woman, who had been surviving through the kindness of strangers, she believed that God had brought along a helper that morning.

“He sat beside me and asked if I needed a wheelchair and I told him that I already had one. He brought out a bundle of money and it surprised me because nobody had given me that much money before.
“But he continued holding the cash asking me questions. When I realised that he seemed to be really interested in what I needed, I then told him that I was setting up a shop to sell soft drinks. Through the money I made from alms, I had bought a freezer. All I needed was the shop. I told him this and he said okay.
“When he was leaving, he gave me two N500 notes from the bundle he was holding and I thanked him. He also dropped his phone number with me. He said I should call him by 4pm that day.”

Adelani said she was shocked few hours before that 4pm when she started receiving calls from family and friends asking about “the man who had made her rich.”

They said I was all over the internet.

Adelani said unknown to her, while Olukokun was holding a bundle of cash, speaking with her, another friend of his was nearby taking pictures and recording a video of the encounter.

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Few hours after the man left, Adelani’s pictures and the video of how “her life changed” had started circulating on the internet.

Olukokun posted a series of pictures on his Instagram page with the caption:

“On my way to Ikeja, I met this beautiful woman on the road cripple begging and I have to stop by to ask her what she needs? She said a wheelchair and a shop and I told her all her desire would come through today. I feel happy #Kokun Foundation #EndingSolution.”

His Instagram page is filled with many other pictures of him in purportedly providing help to other people.

But Adelani said after she was alerted to the online photos, she contacted Olukokun, who told her to come to the office of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad if she still wanted his help.

“When I called back again, I wanted to beg him to pull down the pictures online because I did not want to become another stunt. He said I was disturbing him. It is not that I am an ingrate. I thank him for the N1,000 he gave to me. But I don’t want to be used for a publicity stunt,” Adelani said.

The woman said she was afraid for her life and fear attack by “area boys” in her neighbourhood who believe she is now rich.

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PUNCH reports that when Olukokun was contacted, he explained that he was indeed interested in helping the woman but that after he posted the picture, a lot of people had called him to indicate that they had helped Adelani many times but she had refused to leave the street.

“She lied that I gave her N1,000. I actually gave her N4,000. I have helped many people. I told her to come to the SARS office so she could write an undertaking that if I helped her, she would leave the street. But she has refused to come,” he said.

Asked if he could simply pull the pictures he had posted on the social media down, Olukokun said the pictures were evidence of his works since he ran a non-governmental organisation.

Punch asked him why he could not simply wait till he had fulfilled Adelani’s wishes before posting the pictures, he said,

“Money is not easy to come by. Many people may see the pictures and want to help her more. Do you know that I can still get her arrested if she continued to stay on the street? I am still interested in helping her though.”

Olukokun did not agree to pull down the pictures but Adelani explained that she might be forced to report the matter to the police.

culled from PUNCH



  1. Mtcheeeew, He should return all our prayers, Likes/comments, Just want to use a physically challenged woman to shine

  2. Hmmm… y is he blowing his trumpet nd even lying on top of it…. pple shaa.. even if he helped her, he has already gotton his reward

  3. I dnt even knw who is lying among the two of them, the woman can lie so that she can get another help am even confused oo

    • may the spirit of understanding locate you, so that you won’t be confuse anymore… let’s use a logic here + Someone promise to open a mechanic shop for you and also to buy a vulcanizing machine to pump tires too!, will you tweet to media that no such help is made by that person

    • The dude is lying,why did he bring SO bunch of money out and still claimmed he gave 4K.Actually he gave 1k

  4. So after all our prayers and praises, he didn’t fulfill his promise, pls let that man know that we don’t want another APC candidate who will promise to bring positive change, but brought chains instead. I no call anybody name ooo, #Letmecomeandbegoing

    • If she was why would the guy bring out a bundle of notes in front of camera, then when shooting of video is over gives her 1000? Question

    • Wah do u mean by those beggers don’t wanna leave the str? Sis nobody z happy being poor or cripple…wah will she gain by lying against the man?buh if u look at the view of tinz the man gained popularity He was thinking the woman won’t voice out… Pls think before typing

    • @kwin Loh Lar, Have You Ever Approached Any Of Those Beggers With An Offer That Wld Take Them Of The Street, Have U Ever Offered To Sponsor The Med Treatment Of The Aclaimed Sick Beggers, Or Ever Offered To Train Those Little Children They Expose To Danger In The Name Of Begging? I Guess Nt, I Suggest You Do And If U Succeed In Taking Them Off The Street Then Come Back And Criticize Every Comment You Read On Social Media. Imagine Sitting At A Spot And Have Money Falling On Ur Laps, Isnt It Better Than MMM

    • That Guy May Have Taken To Social Media To Achieve Result, To Deter The Begger From Coming Out To The Streets Again Having Been Publicized But These Pple Can Lie Like Kilode, Though In This Case I Wasnt There To Knw If He Actually Gave Her The Bundle Of Money Or #1000, But Who Gives A Begger 1k Anxways… I Insist, She Might Be Lying

  5. Hahahahahahahaha.. What the hell is going on here. I was so full of praise for the dude and now I feel strange right now. Anyways whoever is telling the truth we will find out soon. #AMWATCHINGTHEM

    • Am forced to believe her my brother. Psychologically, why will you bring out a bundle of cash and hold it? So that your friend can video you. Then when video stops running you remove just 2 #500 notes for her trouble, that’s number one. Number 2 he posted online that “today” her problems are over but only gave her a thousand naira

    • He wanted cheap publicity.. A stupid gesture by a low thinking man. He FCKD up big time..!! Rotimi Jonathan

    • But its not publicity, its their office, they rake in help for the lady but never give same to her.

  6. Whether na 20naira or na 1k d guy give am e no concern me.. For all I knew is He was d reason d lady smile dat very day.. Go out there guys and make a difference, be d reason someone smile today..

  7. Chisos! So all what the man said were all lies? Why are men so wicked to an xtent of giving her only 2 N500 notes. That’s is so unfair. You met a cripped lady and decided u will help her and the only thing u could do was to just give her 2 N500 notes? Mehn, that’s so heartless and I’m sure the man has more than that in his pocket… Maybe he will do what he said he will do, later. But you would have told her that u will help her instead of going through her back and announcing that u promise her that u r going to help her which u never did… Man, please have a heart

    • Guy! Were u at the scene? That u are calling someone else heartless. How many beggars have u helped your self? Even the other man gave the lady 1000 naira, abeg he still tried………. Be a critic in your dealings on both sides. You cant just support one person cause of his/her condition. So zip up ya mouth and keep on watching until the truth is unveil!! #peaceout

    • See omotoye, I didn’t say he didn’t try but he shouldn’t have lied that he promised to give her a shop and a lot of money which she denied he Neva said anything like. Why can’t he just announce that he gave the woman 1000 naira note than lying that he gave her a lot and also promised her he is going to open a shop for her.. The reason why I said he is heartless is bcos he shouldn’t have lied about what he did to a physicially disabled person. That’s heartless. So, b4 u come here to say anything, pls read the genesis of he story and stop ranting as if u too have helped a begger b4. #PeaceOutToo

  8. Hmmmm I am speechless, I dunno WHO to believe. If the lady is lying let her conscience be the judge. But if that dude is the one lying may God bless him with the spirit of cripplelism for lying on a physically challenged person. May all the prayer become curses to him

  9. I no believe the story from day one why you go help someone and come they post am online meaning you have received your reward from people and not God. It suppose to be the crippled women who should have testify about what you have already done for her not the other way round

  10. Why tell everyone u want to help her? Good deeds done secretly is more profitable n l notice that everyone want to be popular….. Please live her you’re not her God

  11. Seriously? He gave the woman just 2 500 naira notes? Then wat is d man’s gain 4 lying? This is so wicked

  12. Her family started calling her because of her picture and d story, I bet none of them even call her to wish her happy New year, Criminal minds, all of a sudden, the poor man has many friends, because of riches!

  13. You people should follow this guy on Instagram @iamkokun… He only promised her a wheelchair n opening of shop. And he’s going to fulfill d promise

  14. Even if he gave her all he promised, he still had no right to take pictures of her and put them on Facebook without her consent.

  15. I disagree, because I know him well and also knows what he can do so please stop spoiling his image

  16. Next time help before broadcasting don’t broadcast before helping this show u are fake.

  17. please brother and sister we should try to fulfill our promises because ;promise and fail to fulfill is a sin in the sight of God and man. so brother change from your ways.

  18. You claim he did not help me that he only gave you 2 N500 notes???Didn’t he try?For someone who is not related to u by blood to give u N1,000 ,do u know whether he even gave his mum up to that amount that month??No….he should not have given u N1,000 he should have married u as a second wife…u this ingrate!!!!

  19. Too bad…..d man just want to use d 1k and get cheap attention…… He was only feeding his ego.

  20. You want to tarnish d guy image. Don’t u bloggers have d fear of God or u just have to cook up story to eat or see people reaction… It is well with all of us

  21. Enu oshey….. Omo naija enu poju. Don’t make a promise u will not fulfil its a big sin b4 d Almighty. O porch ara e ni. Shior !!


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