Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Ghanaian ‘Amber Rose’ bleaches herself white

Ghanaian ‘Amber Rose’ bleaches herself white


A lady who parades herself as Ghana’s Amber rose is in the news for shading her skin to a new color.

The thick ghanaian lady, Queen Facardi proudly flaunts her blessed skin for all to see and she’s loving her self.

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  1. Continue bleaching ooh!!..Myself and God are observing all those girls wey dey bleach because if you think you are doing me,You are only doing yourself

  2. aft nau she go say re mum prayers no dey work, how wil it work? Shez busy praying 4 re black daughter ad u don turn ur destiny 2 white

  3. May God help the world. What I due wake up evryday to pray is, may God did nt allow me or my love ones to do things that are against him in any form and any temptation that he knws is more than me should nt come my way.

  4. Funny after bleaching she still draw BLACK Tattoos, why not white tattoos… Anyway is not my business

  5. Mmmmmmh, na wa o. To me she was prettier when she was black. Who her change of complexion epp? Na her life and her choice

  6. Hmmmmm wen God send angles to cum n give d black one ova fol joy n dey no see u hmmmm bcos u r nt white na u sabi ooo

  7. Is there any girl here that’s not using cream? it’s all about how far u want ur skin to look but is she not finer there so what’s wrong accuser of bethren as if they don’t like it . She really try not like coke and Fanta bleaching if she can mentain it fine and good for her don’t be too fast to condemn. Some people don’t put weavon on their head if they condemn u will u like it? Abi na Venus u dey use jealousy wan kill una coz u can never be like her look at them claiming to be better than the other.

    • Jealousy u say. As she don bleach her skin hope she bleach her womb cos if she marries a black man den she will have black kids. So tell me who is fooling who. Leave all dis sermon abeg. No one is jealous of her. Who bleaching epp?

    • U see I wasn’t out to fight for her am just here to state the obvious alright even black couple can birth a black child the point is 99% ladies bleach but they call it Toning or glowing skill issorite my sister it depend on the level take urs to that’s her life everybody with their short comings no one is holier than the other.

    • May God have mercy on u for this comment. Its jot being finer. The God that made u gave u the color that befits ur destiny. We do things some times without thinking deep. Yes we all use cream but its to maintain he color given to us not turn from black to white and if its to be like her I don’t think I can ever be like this. U see what is killing us in this country is that we don’t say the truth. When u see someone doing things d wrong way don’t patronise the person OK simply tell d person that he or she is doing d wrong way and if u can’t speak then walk away and let the once that can speak do it for u.

    • Luli Temidayo pls what’s the name of ur cream will tell u the chemical combination. Most of the people condemning her I click on their name to check their pix hmmmm even some of them edited their photos just to be fair issorite holier than thou

    • Christiana Ese Iduseri why wasting your energy… Some person’s think dey are perfect n u can never change dat… Stop wasting your time on people who are not of same reasoning with u…u will just end up hurting yourself

    • Onyisi Anumbor if u can’t be like her doesn’t make u less a sinner try understand my view am not out to support anybody d/f people with their way of life. U see in life where u are missing it might not be where she’s missing u have to understand this if u can’t do it doesn’t make other people can do it. My advise for u is don’t be too quick to condemn. For the prayer of mercy Amen to that maybe u don’t need it too. Like for instance u wear trouser some others see it as a sin so madam I stand by saying stop condemning others. As she is she might not be cheating on her bf or husband ‘maybe’ u do that na who them catch be thief well Don holy woman without sin

    • No one is claiming holy madam. In sin we were conceived. So stop all dese OK. Bleaching beyond recognition is not good PERIOD! U have been on dis since monin. It has do according to sua my friend. Me i can sin in Africa. Happy val to u. Peace!!! Am outta here???

    • Me, I don’t Rub Cream @all and, am very proud of my skin and d way God create me Ooooooooo… Christiana Ese Iduseri

    • Me I don’t use bleaching cream….is not bcs I can’t afford the money ..but is bcs I have seen how bad that is …I’m naturally!!!! fair…I don’t buy fair with money… Ask me I will tell u my cream …is medicinal… Lol

  8. una see wetin una cause? Una see? I have been declaring prayer sections in this house everyday for the recovery of some people’s senses but nobody de join me. Shey una don see de result. Issorite

  9. Are u in or around PH? You need to see this

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  11. ooooo.Ghanians bleach….they said we Nigerian are bleachers. I hope she know she will age fast o

  12. Hey lady ….is not good at all …bleaching????? No no no better stop it …see cancer see u…. see u see death…take my advice or u leave it

  13. They normally said dat BLACK is Beautiful. Fair is only meant for attraction. Repent for the kingdom of God is at your door

  14. Angels may not be able to recognize her on the last day, lolzz she will be like Angel don’t u know me again, my name is Amber Rose, and Angel will reply, the Amber Rose I know is black! Hahahahaha I.e identity crisis

  15. Please I need the name of your bleaching cream, Na now you fine die. She look hot!! And I concur.

  16. I nor know were dem 4 get d theory say na who fair 9 dey fine pass, make una dey bleach, we dey here dey wait 4 una,mostly gals,I sorry 4 una life, God abeg nor ever let bleaching my body nd drawing of tattoos ever enter my mind anyday ijn name, AMEN


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