Viral News Ghanaian President Blames Nigeria For Lack Of Constant Power Supply In Their...

Ghanaian President Blames Nigeria For Lack Of Constant Power Supply In Their Country!



John Mahama, President of Ghana, blamed irregular power cuts in his country on Nigeria during an Eid-el-fitr speech. He says this is due to the delays in the delivery of crude oil from Nigeria to power thermal plants in Ghana – because of the activities of Niger Delta Avengers, who have been blowing up oil and gas pipelines in the Niger Delta.

The Niger Delta Avengers, yesterday, reportedly blew up three Chevron manifolds at Diogbolo, near Dibi, Warri Local Government Area of Delta State, using controlled explosive devices.

The president is quoted as saying:

“We have recently suffered some generational problems. I held a stakeholders’ meeting with all those involved in the power sector. Because of sabotage in Nigeria on the terminals, crude oil that we ordered last month has not arrived; and so, it has created some generational problem for us.”

However, he assured Ghanaians that things will return to normal very soon. He said:

“We are taking steps every day to ensure that Ghana has security when it comes to power.”



  1. This President nor well at all. Na so he say make all Nigerians pay $130 usd for one useless I’d card. Wen Ecowas countries go meeting wen dem ask am the idiot Denny am. He say he nor know anything about am. At first wen their light start giving dem problem NDC government came on life Tv3 good morning Ghana they lied that the problem they are having is From Nigeria. Thank God everybody here in Ghana know the light problem. Everything in NDC government is tax. Thank God na ur people u go kill with tax.


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