Editorials Girl Loses Virginity Because of Used Blackberry Phone

Girl Loses Virginity Because of Used Blackberry Phone


A man in a bid to educate young folks on the public page of a relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin has shared a touching story of how his ex girlfriend gave up her virginity in the past for a used BlackBerry smartphone and a sum of N10,000.

He went us to envisage her high-level of promiscuity which ended badly for her.

Read his story below:



  1. The girl is smart nah, at least she got used BB and 10,000. There are some girls who losed theirs because of #200 recharge cards, sharwarma, Provision etc. Shout out to all those girls.

  2. Jesu! for BB of N10,00, u lost ur virginity! This is really shameful of you. Why couldnt u stay as a virgin till u marry? Your virginity supposed to be only for ur future husband, not for sacrifice to get something… Haba! Who knows what the man whom she slept with, transferred to her body that isnt good for the body…

  3. Now that the “gate” has been thrown open,the enjoyment begins.I just pray your legs don’t keep spreading like Buhari’s death rumour

  4. Some girls nowadays, they can do anything, give anything even their virginity, to get wha they want. This is so stupid. She is too cheap to get.

    • What is the prize for it that it can’t be lose for free? If you don’t have feeling for sex then keep it

  5. Yo guys that are saying nonsense, when your sisters lost their virginity, and she came back with lambogenue or any car, or a house was given to her

  6. Virginity is a thing of the mind and spirit, and keeping it depends on your moral and spiritual believe; most girls who are virgin these days are so base on their emotional orientation and give it up at will and not God’s will which is in marriage! Their are a lot of virgin prostitutes out there, is only matter time!!!

  7. Well , virginity is choice U choose to keep it You choose to throw it away You choose to give it out…. This gal even got something for losing hers sef….some gave out freely unto Kezaiah way na But the bottom line is that the guy who sent it equally gave out an advice So criticizers should also see to that

  8. It doesn’t mata how u lost urs som giv it 2 d one dey lov but doesn’t lov dem so any how u choose 2 loozz urs is ur busines not any body’s busines,weda u ar a virgin or not it’s personal keep it 2 ur self pls

  9. I don’t blame her… At that moment that’s wat she need. Some ladies ll be judging n nailing her. My question to u, how did u lost your own? You’re all the same. No elder among d puppies

  10. Guys are talking as if they get anything from given theirs out. How many grls get a damn gift frm given their own? I don’t want to judge so I won’t be judged too. I rest my case.

  11. In patorankings voice” if u no give I no go take oo” give nd take datz wat d Koreans call it……………all ov una wey dey hate don chop una own clean mouth

  12. Abeg make una leave that thing ,this girl was never a Virgin can’t u see d size of he boobs,person wey don dy taste bad thing ever since

  13. At least she try my friend with just one online pix and that’s all keep it up u go soon blow next time loose ur womb for power bank..

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  15. How izit any of our bizz…she can loose it for free.d virginity is her,hence she has the sole right to do what ever she wants with it

  16. abeg leave her oo na so ma Sister bring tiger generator in place of her viginity at least our own better self I dey enjoy d gene

  17. Gosh!! Must u post her online?dis wat she want,dat her first major priority in life,dat wat she desperately need ND she tout of using wat she have to gain waat she need in her own sense,y re we pretending as if we don’t have problems or need wen we need to forgo sumtin for it


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