General Give respect to whom its due: Burna Hails Waconzy On His Debut...

Give respect to whom its due: Burna Hails Waconzy On His Debut Album


Without any doubt, his debut album, L.I.F.E is making a lot of waves in the industry at the moment and these past few weeks have been all about him- Burna Boy.

But as its said, “give respect to whom its due”, Burna Boy clearly hasn’t forgotten that and he has given a huge shout out to Waconzy, though not publicly, he has done it through what he does best- his music. On the second track (‘No no no’) of the hugely impressive album, Burna Boy hails Waconzy.

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Waconzy is a veteran in the industry, and along with the likes of Duncan Mighty and Timaya, he has strived to help put Port- Harcourt on the map of Nigerian music. It was with this in mind that Burna deemed it fit to give him a shout out.

The popular misconception is that Burna actually dissed the veteran- BIG LIE O!!. The track rather adorns Waconzy and no diss was intended. We’re likely to hear more on this in coming days.

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