News “It is God’s will that I will become President of Nigeria one...

“It is God’s will that I will become President of Nigeria one day” – Fayose


Governor of Ekiti state, Mr Ayodele Fayose, while speaking in Ado Ekiti with some journalists on Saturday night declared that he will rule Nigeria as a president in future.

The governor made this revelation at an Annual Media Get-Together, held at the Government House, Ado-Ekiti that the revelation about becoming a future Nigerian leader was made known to him by God.

“It is according to God’s will that I will one day become the president of Nigeria. Do not bother to ask me questions as to how this will materialise, I also do not know how it will happen but all I know is that I shall one day occupy the presidential villa, not as a visitor but as president.”

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  1. Okay ooh!!..Imagine if Fayose becomes president I tell you what, Stomach Infrastructure go make sense die!”..*You will just hear Fayose has ordered a day as free food day for everyone at all respective bukas and canteen or sudden decline in prices of foodstuff to the barest minimum!!!….

  2. If this man dey use him mouth dey way he dey use his closet I’m sure he will be in good shape.

  3. This man iyaff come again. He likes publicity stunt too much . And somehow he can win the hearts of the people because social media carries it about a lot and the so-called social media is where you can reach more audience

  4. Watch our my people the man is a monster””””he will surely become what he said

  5. we need person like Fayose and Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in this country, may God help your dream just as he did for mine.

  6. You old men should allow the youth to take over, give the youth a chance, presidency from one old man to another…..

  7. I laugh in Gbaygi language…in ur widest dream…u tink Federal Republic of Nigeria is Ekiti State? Oga be sensible for once…mtcheeew

  8. Devil go baptise you for this kind talk!!!!! Fayose president of Biafra not Nigeria!

  9. “Hello , next is in 12.02.2017 , 600+ . No miss that. Click and follow this page => ! “

  10. Well, every one has been saying that. Let’s just wait till then to see. I’m not doubting fayose. I dont knw if it is true or not bcos I’m not a prophet. All I knw is that, if the time comes, we will know the one God has chosen to rule nigeria

  11. Hahahahahahahahah,Fayose i beg no kill person,maybe u be d president too ur family not Nigeria.Abalajo that y u av bin making noise all the time so nigerians would focus on u.ogbeni go find some where to rest.We are not intrested of that noise of urs.

  12. Lols,Neva can tell if u will become president cos tomorrow is nt predictable, I tink Fayose should reserve he’s comments,Cos he too the talk.

  13. Another certificate less president? God forbid keep your stunt in Ekiti, has God not been magnanimous enough to allow you rule a State that pride herself of having the highest of professors with your questionable HND certificate?

  14. If will continue to vote with old man in this contry all the same let bring out a boy not old man


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