News Golden Casket Made For Emeka Offor’s father Costs A Whooping N15m(Photos)

Golden Casket Made For Emeka Offor’s father Costs A Whooping N15m(Photos)


offssThe Chairman of Chrome Group of Companies, chief Emeka Offor in a display of his wealth buried his father in a N15m worth of gold casket.

The burial was held on the 18th of november, 2016 at the All Saint Anglican Church, Irefi Oraifite, Anambra State.

This extravagance was met with widespread condemnation online, as many questioned the act, terming it to be wasteful.

One of the reactions a facebook user named Gabriel Omonhinmin read, “Don’t you think Emeka Offor’s father, Benneth would have been much happier in his grave if this money was given as a revolving loan to some youths in that community?”

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Another user with the name, Manu Vice Mike wrote, “No matter d amount of tin u did to a died man is nothing but a waste cus he doesn’t know that a gasket worthy of millions went to grave with him , so he should bury his dad on a humanitarian ground nd not for publication.. so those of u who r planning to give ur dad an extravagant bury should covert it to him with an extravagant life Style wen he’s still alive rather than expensive gasket as it is not going to make any difference with those buried wit normal gasket.”

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gold-casket-01It’s clear Offor might have had a lot of respect and love for his late father by burying him in an expensive casket, many Nigerians who are currently affected by the economic recession will have an issue fathoming why such investment was made on a dead person.




  1. Mehn you all didnt attene the burial it was only a coated gold casket its not a pure gold talkmore of 24 carat gold…… less

  2. And all those carrying the coffin have never seen 15million Kobo in their lives.. Poverty… People never cease to amaze me.


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