Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Gordons delete apology video to Tuface after calling him an illiterate

Gordons delete apology video to Tuface after calling him an illiterate


Comedian Gordons, has apologized to 2 Face for calling him an illiterate. He said he sent him an sms and also uploaded this video. Watch the video after the cut…

Comedian Gordons has deleted his apology to music icon, 2Face Idibia after he called him an illiterate . This comes after he received more insults in the comments of the apology video…

Yesterday ,Gordons lashed out at 2face Idibia over his failed mass protest move.

Speaking to GoldmyneTV, Gordons said

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“2face is my mentor when it comes to music, he’s one musician I adore, Legendary to me. But you cannot use a tool that you are not used to. When Fela was fighting government he used a tool that he was used to, and that was music, Sunny Okposo before he died was fighting freedom with the tool that he was used to.
How on earth, will 2face Idibia be fighting a fight with a tool that he his not used to. 2Face is not a musician, he is a politician, If you want to lead a protest, he should lead it with music.
How are you going to express yourself, 2Face and there is a microphone in your face and you are asked to express your grievances… You can’t express yourself, its not your game… Do it with music, you are used to.. 2face is the only illiterate that can sing correctly in music”.

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  1. I still think most people have a wrong impression about the video!!..*Good morning gistreel

  2. People should not foul language on others no matter d provocation becos everybody has the right to their own views and reasons

  3. I don’t know why people don’t think or reason well before dey speak…he just want to get attention.

  4. Gordons or whatever u call ur self…u are not better than anybody…so stop being jealous…

  5. Hmm he said tuface na illitrate, he nd tuface who even resemble illitrate pass, na jelousy soo he can get tuface attention

  6. Gordons na so RMD be won beat u for Asaba ontop say u use am crack talk Cos say d guy be sik! Dats really bad of u ooo. Now u dey call tuface mumu” wen tuface com out wit all dis protestrally mata”were u dey dat time? D 2baba con dey get threat and several msgs from DSS,COP mentioned but few. The one wen dey important na e mama as she con dey cry ontop her pikin and 2baba dey respect e mama welwel so tee d poor guy called the protest off. Now u con dey com out dey yan pana,dey open ur mout dey abuse 2baba and aftermuch u con dey apologies again @@@@ wetin sef? I hear say u don delete the apology again! Gordons why u dey do OSUIMI for 2baba na?

  7. Abeg Una don’t hear where gordons speak correct English before?tubaba don’t mind him na jealousy dey kill am. Slippers get him size na

  8. Gordons is the biggest fool of 2017, idiot you and 2baba no be mate for anything, 2baba is well known all over the world, who know akuya like u? Idiot son of a whore.

  9. 2Baba is so matured as he never sees any of you pple calling him an illiterate as worrisome ,even most of you comedians has used this to crack your supposed funny jokes!!! Nigerians celebrities should please let him be and imbibe his traits and morals(humility)

  10. Nawa for gordons, u no know wetin happen to fela anikulapo kuti? U no know wetin dem talk say for happen to osarumore like say him no run? U no even know wetin obasanjo tell idris abdulkareem? U know say buhari na wicked man? U wan kill 2baba abi, abi?

  11. The so-called Gordons guy is confused. He does not know what his problem is. If you ask me, I think he did what he did to gain publicity on social media. Na people wey get im time go answer am

  12. I really don’t expect Gordons or whatsoever they call him to berate 2face the way he did, I’ve lost the respect I have for him. At least an illiterate proposed a protest that was completed by the Citizens he who studied in Harvard University refuse to show his face in when the protest took place who’s better, I think sensible illiterate is better than insensible literate.

  13. Godon! Godon! Godon! How many times i call you so?? Your mouth Don dey draw like ogbono soup… Make you no start wetin you no go fit finish oooo… I just dey warn you now…. Come and see, come and see the Lord no be for blind man ooo… So be careful.

  14. Who is more illitrate here? He who plan and apologise and come back to say NO I DON’T WANT TO APOLOGISE TO U AGAIN and one who organise protest and disorganise it himself due to saftey of the masses?

  15. I pray Gordons does not SPARK like Gordons Spark for u guys on these lies u have told about him on this Tuface matter

  16. This ugly thing called gondon himself wnt Mk we notice am? As him non interesting dry comedy is not going any way look him face

  17. 2baba toilet alone can buy Gordon ,his wife ,children and next generation . gordon is only looking for cheap ways to bring his ugly face to lime light

  18. Gordon thinks he can insult 2baba the way he try with helen paul old man your mate don sape


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