News Gov. Okowa to spend N350 million in celebrating Ibori’s return

Gov. Okowa to spend N350 million in celebrating Ibori’s return


According to Sahara Reporters, Governor Okowa of Delta State intends using N350 million to celebrate ex governor James Ibori’s return home from jail in the UK.

The reception and thanksgiving is said to hold in the former governor hometown Oghara, Delta State.



  1. Omo see money when i no get common 1k for my bank. Wished the 5 that top the 300plus millions was given to me

  2. What the reason of spending such a huge amount of money on someone like governor James ibori who is jailed and he is returning home give me the money I will used it to build an orphanage for the children who are on the street sicking for help.

  3. And some people they delta dey die of hunger and sickness. God punish u including amadioha…

  4. Wait oo.. whats the money for..? Is it for coming out alive or for going to jail abroad instead of Nigeria.. I’m not understanding pls

  5. This is just insane!!..What kind of insensitive behaviour is this?.An absolute waste of money!!

  6. Mtcheew… Just for his return, u want to spend N350m. Can’t u use that money and serve ur state better and put smiles on the faces of the people living in ur state? I wont blame him. When some people have money, their matured sense will disappear and the childish sense will now step in

  7. Can u imagine this? N350million. Don’t d governor have better things to use such amount of money to do that will yield better results, other than wasting it on a human being?

  8. i no wan talk this but if i keep quite God no go happy with me, ok if such amount is to be spent on pesin wey rob an ordinary state, hehehehe brethren what about pesin wey rob the entire country wen he returns? I de com make i remember her name..

  9. Okowa you are serious for life, you can’t pay teacher and local government works but can spend such money for ex governor.

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  11. Look at d economy n dis bastard is sayin dis kind news person dy hear him go gather mob n stone wait dat ibori guy for airport.

  12. I think the first thing Delta people should do is to check that Okowa’s head first to find out whether his senses are intact.

  13. What!? Cele what?? What’s wrong with these brainless politicians?? I don’t believe this news,but if its true,our Governor is brainless..

  14. This our government eeh…. You haven’t paid the worker here you are looking for whom to celebrate.

  15. Let me hear any deltan accusing buhari of not fighting corruption again when even their governor is wasting state’s resources to celebrate a criminal( a two time ex-convict)

    • My dear ,all the governors,senators,house of rep n Buhari are to blame for the trouble in Nigeria ,but plz don’t believe anytyn u read,esp from Sahara

    • “Over 20 billion dollars unremitted to the Federation account, Nigeria’s economy will crumble if nothing is done…” (HRH, Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi) “Whoever wins 2015 will never find it easy. Over 30 trillion is mismanaged, unaccounted for or missing under Jonathan… ” (Prof Charles Soludo) “Our reserve is depleted and our savings squandered. Our nation is in trouble…” (Dr Oby Ezekwesili) “For seven months, NNPC did not remit any money into federation account. When I called as a sitting governor and major oil producing state, Deziani Alison Madueke refused to take my CALLS …” (Senator Godswill Akpabio) “I wanted to save but Jonathan had no political will. That is why we are in crisis, because we squandered our boom…” (Okonjo Iweala) “Okonjo-Iweala, Sanusi urged us to save but we state Governors refused to save for the unseen future during the tenure of Goodluck Jonathan, despite warning from economic experts…” (Peter Obi) And yet people want Buhari to turn a magician in less than two years… Stanley ‘Ugbo’ Okeke

    • Even this one that’s so glaring in our face. I hope you are not beclouded by sentiment like the wailers ba

    • My sister don’t mind dem is now their will knw dat is not everything u see on media u will believed

  16. Don’t believe everything you hear or read ,esp from Sahara… All our leaders are thieves and dey are to blame for the present mess we find ourselves… Buh Sahara should bring its source ,not like the man said it openly

  17. if you dig into okowa’s file now, you will see that he is an ex convict too and who don go that place , him brain must get gap.

  18. Just imagine this lump sum of money being used to celebrate criminal. Well, he is their godfather. They must do it #IWeepForNigeria

  19. He is just trying to tell the oyibo people that jailed Ibori “thank you for making my brother a national hero.”

  20. Y are u always reporting lies about lbori?U reported d other time DAT he was deported and arrested by DSS.But d DSS I oga refuted it.U have started again with ur false allegation. He much were u paid to do this.We shall me in court soonest

  21. I just dey read comment dey laugh,some people re just funny,must u people believe n comment on any story u read on social media?wait oooo I wan ask one question,if really he wants to celebrate ibori u nw fink he will just call DAT kind of amount to d public in dis present condition in Nigeria abi?abi una no dey even reason sef.u re seeing bloggers trying to raise up one funny issue so dey can make dia money as u click to read.pls let me cone n be going.


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