Art & Humour “He isn’t a boyfriend if he can’t give you N50k to make...

“He isn’t a boyfriend if he can’t give you N50k to make hair every 2 weeks,”…


bfThis lady’s post has gone viral people! I kuku love the girl sef! She stood by her words, and didn’t even delete the said post. Read On..

A Facebook user named, Thelma Okocha has got everyone talking on her post that went viral on social media.

A confirmation from her facebook page and a repost on her instagram page shows she actually posted it on March 30th 2016, at 5:43pm.

Her post :



"My Son Was Thrown Out Of Covenant University"- Bishop Oyedepo



  1. then your father isn’t your father too since he can’t give you and u expect it from your boyfriend.

  2. Na only sugar daddy can give you that or guy that want something from your body for money .. lady you better tell us you want Sugar daddy so that we can help you get one ..

  3. Pls I want ladies to answer being a boyfriend, man friend or whatever you call it even a husband it is an occupation or job after which u get paid.. I honestly don’t understand our African girls mentality.. My boyfriend will do this do that, I want to let ladies know that a woman has more to offer a man n not just sex..

  4. If your father has it your hair wouldn’t have been like like you are not even putting on gold jewelries still putting on leather watch watch instead of gold chain watch u get luck say u fair if not you for ugly pass witch

  5. then your father isn’t your father too since he can’t give you and u expect it from your boyfriend. Thnks for dis comment #Samuel

  6. Jst 50k, Haaa ur bf poor oooo, my own Na 150k e de give me very hour to take mk my hair. Rubbish Na people like Una nay de buy rubber weavon 700 .

  7. #Some of dis gals shld take note frnding u does nt mean am ur bnk acc ooo. U no get papa 4 hauz. Robish#

  8. Lol dudes abeg why this people post her name same dudes abusing her here are the same people that will quickly go and add her up and also ask her out chai boiz are not smiling lol☺☺☺…..

  9. You are now dating men that is way older and for tthat you think you can raise shoulder#in falz’s voice

  10. U guys should stop raining abuses on her…. If she is as broke as u guys are saying den y is she looking so storming Nd attractive? Nd beside she night not mean what she said she only wanted to c people’s comments or maybe she post it bcx of one particular person

    • now y are u defending her? shiz attractive because she is aprostitute who ignores to ask his dad for money and ends up selling her wicked body to the rich dudes coz she wants to make her hair every two weeks

    • Are you close to her please advise her so that she will not fall into the hands of ritualists because they are the only people that can give woman that kind of amount because they know that the woman will still become their vital raw material.

    • She might not rilly meant wot she says, might be just to see peoples reaction, tell me who wil give a lady such money or any girl wt her senses dt wil demand such for hair unlesss,,,,,,,,,,,, just chil guys

    • You self no get sense…mumu u dey defend her stupid girl…. Like sunnybliss said…bird of the same feather

    • Idiots like you and her should just go to Italy, you can even make more than that for your miserable self.

    • Out of the abundant of the heart the mouth speak, if she didn’t mean it she wouldn’t have said it. For you call a spade a spade before the evil she commit ravage your home

    • See Ya Mouth “Maybe She Meant 5k”….. So Those Two Zeros Left Who Typed It….?? Angels??

  11. Lolz,how much is he earning a month,even God na once in a month him dy collect,him no gt family wey him go tk care of abi? Lemme cum nd b go

  12. Rubbish…ur hair self Don dew for retouching ..tell ur guy make in give u only 500 make u go retouch am .

  13. D bottom line is that she’s hungry ND Buhari recession has make her hair go undergrowth. I wish u everything u wish URself but at DS age UR concern shld b ur academics Nd how to make good grades Nd come out in flying colours and start reasoning like Aruma Otteh nd Okonji not boyfrnd nd sugar daddy dt will make dt narrow lane dual carriage PLS.

  14. Did ur father gives u dat kind of money, dat u want ur boyfriend 2 give ? Y not go and work out dat money so u can give 2 him,,ooo laaaa…

  15. This admin ,how many times will you post this ?it is becoming malicious or is there more to it. Pls leave this pretty girl alone na haaba !post something else.

  16. infact all insulting don’t forget she didn’tmention your names oh n beside it’s just a write up ah pokenosious pple,gon write your own!!!

  17. Rat don chop ur front hair finish u beta go nd tk care of it nd stop seekin 4 attention…na persin lyk u dey soak garri nd kulikuli insyd buh u go dey form chicken nd chips outsyd…haaa!! gurlz

  18. It’s a pity, your mom wasted her pussy for nfn. Both the fucking and d delivery, all wasted! I told her to abort u, she refused. See now. But I blame your Papa for not using condom that night

  19. How much her mama take make hair Wey she dey look for 50k to make hair. The hair she has on her profile pics how much is it? #500 #reccession

  20. No let God vex ooh if nt sumtin bad myt happen to u dat will make u lose ur beauty (cripple)

  21. Y u no make ur hair wit d 50k wey u collect dis week. U still carry am like dat “IDIOT” EWUUUUU…….

  22. Hmm I believe this girl just posted this to get attention coz i don’t know any boyfriend Dat will give you 50 k for hair

  23. See all d guys just here ranting like parrots, she wen is money issue u now u all are talking about it, wen its sex issue u claim right for it. Oya pay d bills bros no run ooo, dsame guys will say if no sex in dis relationship den u re not a girlfriend

  24. Den go marry dangote pikin or otedola,mumu girl ur father no fit over u 5k for her na ur boi go give u 50k abi ole ol

  25. As for me i can do more than that to a girl who will love me with all her heart and soul am ready for such a girl.

  26. I guess you just lose your 50k hair style cuz i can’t find anything on your head but your undergrowth hair…

  27. My dear dere are boyfriends dt give deir girlfriends more Dan 50k yet dey stil cheat on her,go for a man who loves u sincerely and not a man who sleeps wif u and give u moni u demand frm him,if u want a huge amount of moni from him he wil tink ure after his moni and not love,ladies be wise,moni is good but dnt be carried away by it hence u loose so many gud things

  28. Haha…. First is she a Nigerian? Secondly, let’s assume I collect 50k as my 4wk salary and she said two weeks 50k…… I can’t say any further, may God punish her…Even God him self that gave me the job don’t collect up to 10% of my salary come to talk more of you… You be witch?

  29. Lemmie ask u a question did your father give your mum 50k to make her hair when she was young ?? Fucking fake bitch

  30. Little growing prostitute,..well done,try ooo,ur market don dey grow small small but I bet u,in no distant time,u will inherite a major sickness that 50k can not take care of oooo

  31. That’s y u pack ur hair. Cos u can’t and won’t see any MANFRIEND talk less of BOYFRIEND to give u such

  32. Dats is the main reason u didn’t make ur hair nah pack u pack am since u can’t work and earn 50k and make ur hair how do u except a guy to give u 50k for hair when is not mad

  33. Am sure that ur father didn’t give ur mother up to #200 wen they met, which means ur father is not a father but a lazy fat #pig#

  34. @jenniferjoseph!!! U and I knows that that girl is fake! Am sure all she is wearing is borrowed so she’s looking for a quick money! Op u are not her friend cos she is in need and very soon she will be heading to an herbalist for ritual. Oleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  35. That not her real face oooooooo *fake******fake******fake****** If u need money carry ur papa to okija for money ritual……..

  36. Nd y r u nt wit human hair lol girl I be girl like u he is jst ur boyfriend nd nt ur job opportunity

  37. Singer Runtown goes to church for the first time after quitting marijuana… You won’t believe DOWNLOAD GO HIGHER BY ELEKS BLINKY WITH THIS LINK Stopping weed is not easy..say congrats to him if you love God

  38. Excuse me young lady,ar u d one dat look after him till nw for demanding such money….. U wan collect 50k to do jst ordinary hair on ur head…. Let me ask u a question,’is the hair going to spend a Year on ur head….. U wan dey form posh abi…. Sorry for u

  39. Hahahahaha see flexing pls EFCC should come for her. I pity u ur type can’t even cook good food.

  40. Some ladies will suddenly turn their boyfriends into ATM machines when they live in a face me I face flat… utter rubbish

  41. I never put 10k for offering for one month nap 50k in two weeks ……sister you be Delilah.

  42. Bitch,your naughty papa can’t even afford to give your mother #100 for food.

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  44. my dear if u are ready for his money also be ready for sex at any time, what we want is true love not money lovers. see my fellow guys is only during girlfriend & boyfriend period u no the one who truly love u.

  45. My dear the thunder were go fire still de china de gym, na ur father i de wrk 4 abi na ashawo i be or na cbn i de wrk, u just fyn 4 notin, probarly u bf is a armed rubber, if i should give u 50k 4 hair tak true will ur collect bullshit

  46. Lolz,,,,,,,, sm of dis tins pple post on media is jt mk pple tk nd create conversions nd many ll fall… it’s fun tho.

  47. Come and see o, come and see, come and see the female Shina Rambo…. #Anofia

  48. hhhhmmmm….m sure wen both of u wed u wil be collectin #100k in evry market day,but m nt suprise cuz dat yh boyfwend mayb lyk ATM machine 2 u….

  49. If I could go back in time I would go to ur parents Mr nd Mrs okocha,nd say to them, for the sake of humanity please use a condom

  50. sօʍɛtɨʍɛs ɨ աօռɖɛʀ ɦօա ċɦɛaք ɢɨʀʟs քʀօʋɛ tօ ɮ ɛxքɛռsɨʋɛ ɨռ a ʊsɛʟɛss ʍaռռɛʀ….. sɦɛ ɨs ċɦɛaք … ռօ ɖօʊɮt aռɖ sɦɛ ɨs ʟɛaʋɨռɢ ɨռ a ɖʀɛaʍ ʟaռɖ օʄ ʀօsɛs….. ɨʄ ʊʀ ɮօʏʄʀռɖ ɨs aċtʊaʟʟʏ ɢɨʋɨռɢ ʊ 50ҡ ʄօʀ ʊʀ ɦaɨʀ ɨռ 2 աɛɛҡs …. tɦat ʍɛaռs ɦɛ aɨռ’t աօʀҡɨռɢ ʄօʀ the ʍօռɛʏ…. ʊ’ʟʟ ditch ɦɨʍ ʄօʀ aռօɖa guy աɦɛռ ʏօʊʀ ɦaɨʀ ɨs ʀօʊɢɦ….

  51. imagine the stupid thing, na from sky u fall come or na Angel daughter u be.. ur mates encourage their man to save money make plans for future and probably get married…. sha I trust my naija guys u go carry the hair for eternity

  52. wait o tell me I be gal I no go expose u “abeg ur guy don give u 10k for hair before” mtcheeeeew

  53. haha no 50k of making my hair no gona ent my pussy no money no sex this kenyan men wil kill me with selfishness

  54. There are guys who earn that cash amount end month therefore he will hv to pay rent and buy food and just workhard to get your own money instead of waiting to be given.and most importantly find a guy who loves you wholely.

  55. then you are nt a human bein even 4 ur dream u no go fit get that 50k, which hair is she makin,beta go cut the if na like, nd wait cant ur dad give dat 50k or ur mum cnt giv u d 50k,it lyk u get buhari son to be ur boyfriend or billgate son


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