Editorials Help!! I caught my Landlady’s “born again” daughter in a club…

Help!! I caught my Landlady’s “born again” daughter in a club…



My landlady hates me ..Since I came to live with my aunt 6 months ago, it has been hell. My aunt is always travelling for business so I take care of her children and all.

Our Landlady who is a widow  & a church deacon has only one daughter and is always boasting of how good her 18 year old daughter is and how she shouldn’t mix with unbelievers. Each time she sees me wearing trousers, she will call me and start shouting that I should repent and stop spoiling other girls and her daughter.If I greet a boy on the street,she will tell my aunt.She has caused serious problems between me and my aunt. She banned the girl from greeting me because the girl is born again ,a virgin.
She has been out of the country for 2 weeks now and I went to a party on the island and who did I see? Her daughter in a mini skirt ,makeup,b**bs out with a well known yahoo boy.This girl was smoking.I succeeded in getting a picture of her .
Now I want to print them and send to the mum when she comes but a friend says it’s not a good thing to do.Don’t you think the woman deserves to know her daughter is not a saint or a virgin.

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Readers ,please tell me if I am wrong…



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