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‘Help! I’m in Love with 2 Guys, should I Leave my boyfriend?’ – Lady Laments


Below is how the confused lady narrated her story on a popular Instagram relationship page, Break or Make-up;
I’m in a dilemma, I think I’m in love with two guys, I’m in my early-twenties.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about 4 years though we’ve had our ups and downs,we are both in the same country ,I’ve also been great friends with this other guy for about 8 years (he’s in Nigeria) we are extremely free with each other,he understands me very well, Our communication is 100% and he knows me like the back of his hand.

This guy in question has asked me out severally and I refused cos I was either dating or not ready to date , the beautiful/funny thing is each time I say no, he doesn’t get upset or anything he quietly goes back into the friend but I guess he’s tired of been in that zone because recently he’s been telling me of how much he loves me and really wants to have a serious relationship with me.

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Truth be told is I’m really fond of him and really like him (I said fond cos I don’t know if I love him), he has a sweet personality and he’s very sensitive .. in these past few months he’s given me a real idea of how an ideal partner should be , I don’t pray to break up with my bf but if It happens I’m not going to date anyone below the standards this other guy has set.

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Note: My present boyfriend may not be perfect but he’s a good person

I need matured advice on what to do, date him which means double dating , tell him no again and risk losing him which will hurt tho , or any other reasonable options

Thanks in advance.



  1. You don’t have a heart but memory card because there is no way you can love two guys the same way

  2. Its up to you, you have a very difficult decision to make there….Visit a Marriage Counsellor

  3. I JUST DEY OBSERVE THE SECOND GUY WHO HAS NOW BEING FRIEND ZONED and is STILL HOPING AGAINST HOPE that You.will soon be his… *Issokay THE PEOPLE OF ISREALITE WAITED FOR 40 years before reaching the promise land… You can break the record and wait for her also to answer you!!…. #Don’tJustUnderstandSomeGuys

  4. my dear if ur in love with more than one person then that thing u call heart is no longer a heart it is called a #_MEMORY_CARD repeat after me say #memory_card….mchewwww

  5. everybody just de shout follow your, you better give her good advice oo cos she fit be your gal

  6. Yes ooo leave ur boyfriend. But don’t forget diz saying. “The devil u knw is better than the angel u don’t knw” . just be careful.

  7. You are in love with two guys in your early twenties?So u are already welding two rods at ur tender age?Now we don’t know whether one of them or even both of them are ‘abokis’ with extra-extra large cucumber ooo,later u’ll now get married and put the blame on ur husband that he is not satisfying you well when ‘trailer’ and ‘tipper’ have entered your garage.

  8. I will say its not possible. Sure u cn love 5 people at d same time, bt to be in love NO! chk ur heart there is one u care 4 so much dat u cnt bear losin him while u just love d oda as in natural

  9. D only problem I c here is dis: “listening” dear friend, take a pause & quietly listen to ur heart, just open up quietly to ur heart & let ur heart speak for u. Love is a beautiful thing but when is thwarted, people say it BLIND. D problem here is u, until u listen to ur heart u will remain in state of dilemma bcos ur issue is not about people opinion. Thanks. OLP

  10. More like u r in ❤ wit ur bofy & in #lust wit dis new guy U can’t eat ur cake and hav it dear #OliverTwist Search ur heart…. It has d answers✔☑

  11. As she said early 20s that is why she is confused when you clock 30s you can find anyone and immediately got married useless post dey there they do dating for 4year God have mercy on you because nah lust dey trouble you that’s why you’re confused

  12. I don’t think it’s possible to love two people equally. If you loved the first, you would not have gone for the second. Just search your heart and go for the one u love more

  13. 4+8=12yrs in relationship with 2 guys in your early twenties. That mean u started eating guys chewing gum wen u r 4 years. O babe! U get strength to fire them.


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