Editorials Here are 6 things You Shouldn’t Upload On Facebook

Here are 6 things You Shouldn’t Upload On Facebook


118This is quite brief and refreshing for those of us who are active on social media and care less about what we share from time to time.

As much as I have an easily accesible personality, I love to keep my private life private so as to avoid disrespect from strangers.I also strongly believe that no ones privacy should be intruded just because of freedom of expression on social media.mark-zuckerberg-tape-facebook-instagram-1-796x398

Sometime ago, a photo of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg covering his cam and microphone jack with a tape on his laptop was posted online…meaning,if the founder of facebook is so concerned about his privacy then why shouldnt we be??

'I caught my husband of 1 week having sex with my bridesmaid'

The 6 Don’ts For Facebook:



There is a reason why almost everyone has his or her “personal” phone numbers, so i guess it should be kept personal and not for public use except for business platforms and reasons.

Prank callers, stalkers, identity fakers, email spammers and contacts seekers could seek to exploit you with such advantage by doing all sorts of things to ridicule your social and personal circle.

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If you are the type who loves to stay in touch with old friends and acquaintances then try restricting your contact info to them, to minimize vulnerability if your friends are somewhat trustworthy.



  1. Cool tips from GISTREEL…I have LIKED and SHARED all the GISTREEL POSTS I have COMMENTED in

  2. That’s right. Some people like uploading their entire life online. Bought a new car, they’ll upload. Traveling, they’ll upload, everything they upload and this is very bad as you never know who’s stalking you

  3. Thanks for the tips.Some people like to live social media life, they won’t to upload everything, what they eat, how they eat even when they are in the toilet


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