Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Hit or Miss? See what Keke Palmer wore today

Hit or Miss? See what Keke Palmer wore today


Former child star,Keke Palmer may be the new Miley Cyrus or Rihanna when it comes to be recent fashion choices .

She stepped out in this risque shorts while shopping in Beverly Hills …



  1. Jokes were made earlier last year about people carrying their jeans in a truck after sagging had gone viral…I think it’s becoming real…

  2. Hmmm! Nkea jurum onu. I wonder what was in her mind even when she was coming out of the house. Chukwu mere anyi ebere.

  3. Hehe… I laugh in Swahili, I call this Craze 101. *Continue* just like same patience will say….

  4. After her Spelling Bee movie…she has to do something to keep her in the limelight, all has failed this is plan B being implemented…

  5. Its quite unfortunate…… This is uncalled for……I thought u were somewhat different.. Ur movies Akeelah and the bee, Joyful noise, Rags……I’ve known u to be decent and responsible am disappointed

  6. Not everyone who talk or walk normal is a proper person…. Dis madness/ craziness

  7. Trashy trashy trashy….can’t believe u turned outta be like this….so disappointing

  8. Everyone close ur eye,, for a minute prayer for her, cos dis am seeing is not ordinary.. Mtcheww

  9. I cover my eyes Brain n hrt in d blood of Jesus Christ Amen. Father touch her brain in Jesus name . Amen.

  10. I don’t blame her dis is harmattan period, now d is d time dat mad pple use to display their talents

  11. My prayer 2day, all these ladies playing semi madness both on media or anywhere, let de God of heaven help u to be mad completely .pick food from refuse dumps cos ur dressing hve proved God .Dis is de time of santification every unclean dresses nasty speaches soon shall nt be seen in so many humanbeing

  12. Sensible people know its all for the attention Nothing more nothing less So y’all should just chill nd quit taking it so personal

  13. I have always told people that in the year 2040 nobody will wear clothes again……back to Adam and eve time

  14. nonsense….. d boom is not evening reporting or attracting self…. Babe go and enlarge it so that u will have something to show off. #foolish girl

  15. Thank you guys…on behalf of Gistreel.come later in the evening I will deliver all you messages to her… I am sure she will read these messages and she will change.

  16. U are not OK hw would you were that out. If u don’t know you are naked. Trashy all the way. You are naked in the name of trend

  17. Is it that being an actress or so makes one forget all about decency?………..I don’t get it

  18. You dress so trashy and then you expect a guy to marry you okoooo,let me not go further, I trust Nigerians, cos if it’s a Nigerian that is behaving like this I won’t wait to lash that person with my words. Cos this dressing stuff is really getting trashy especially with most ladies. It’s obvious that you are in America, so I rest my case………………

  19. Oh no…I was young too when I watch Akilah and the bee….I admired and wished I was the one….you are a disgrace to woman hood keke….

  20. She should just go naked at once copycat. Why can’t we the right things from white people.

  21. Go and watch her music video… I don’t belong to you…where she promoted lesbianism… Am not surprised… When d foundation is faulty…what can d righteous do


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