News Hope fades for 3 million investors as initiator of MMM Nigeria ‘flees’...

Hope fades for 3 million investors as initiator of MMM Nigeria ‘flees’ with wife to Philippines


Top Guider and first initiator of the  popular ponzi scheme, mavrodi mondial moneybox, MMM, Mr. Chuddy has reportedly fled the country with his wife, Amaka to the Philippines. Indications suggest that Mr. Chuddy fled because perhaps he knows MMM might not be able to pay its participants again, Vanguard reports .
This is coming days after over 2 million participants of the scheme  are still not able to get the money they invested in the scheme even after it claimed to have resumed full time

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The ponzi scheme had blocked the access to requesting for financial assistance, Getting Help (GH) during the yuletide seasons. After a month’s blockade of the access, known as Mavros, the ponzi scheme announced it had unfrozen the Mavros for its participants to begin withdrawals. However, up till the filling of this report, many are yet to get their money back, which totals to millions.

However, Chuddy’s relocation came barely 24 hours after he released a new set of conditions for the payment of some three million Nigerian investors wherein those with little investments are to be paid first before those who invested heavily. He had given the participant, called Mavrodians, the impression that the Ponzi scheme has started paying the outstanding mavro (money) but it has turned out to be not entirely true.

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  1. He has relocated to the Philippines with his wife, And he has left the participants stranded. Even though I am not a participant, I am still sad about it because someone promised me money but unfortunately mmm freezed the account. Chuddy Ugorji, bring back our money.

    • So why did he relocate, Kelly Tony, because the last time I check, an innocent man does not run away from crisis

    • My dear, he also has a business to establish there, he has been communicating with the other Guilders here in Nigeria, just be patient my dear,, all is well

    • Kelly Tony honestly I am running out of patience because I have so many bills to pay. I just hope it is rectified soon so I can join my mate to go for NYSC this year ooo

  2. Let him fly to anywhere after all buhari left us to London for medical issues when we hospitals here, y can’t him build a standard hospital that can treat him here without flying abroad. The money they spend on international trip is big enough to change lives. Chuddy fly to heaven if u like u hv affected my life more than the country itself. Mmmnigeria for life

  3. You people talk too much, is it every stupid news you see you must comment, even if he travel to Philippines, how is it your business, if you are an mmm participants, I want you to know that Chuddy, did not take your money, your money is on the hand of mmm participants in Nigeria, and if you are not an mmm participants, can you kindly mind your business, and if you don’t have any business, let me know I will give you one…

  4. Eyah! I just dey pity each and every member of their scheme-MMM. Those ppll who invested much or used their hard earned income to invest in the scheme should think of how to work to get back income. They should not put their whole attention on the one in MMM Oh….

  5. Eyyyaaaaaaa bia wat a sharp mind u gat but d wisdom of a man is d most disgusting foolishness were baba God dey. Enjoy God dey but make sure u are not with people money if not d kin cours wey go follow u if u like run China egodey follow u

  6. You talk negative bout this useless mmm scheme and some idiots be defending them like its their father’s business. Some are receiving but a vast majority are complaining. Why travel with his wife if everything is going fine. I really pity those who invested more money into this useless scam. God help you guys

    • Pity dem @ ur own peril.. Wat is ur own business.. Spreading fake rumor.. Na u carry am travel go Philippines.. Mad ppl.. Causing panic.. Ogun fire all of una wey no do MMM dey spoil am.. Fucking bloody poverty minded fellow

    • Your comment speaks alot bout you. Why you upset if the rumor is fake? Why you concerned if I pity people? Why even comment on my post if you not frustrated. Hahaha. Dude go seek help somewhere. A grown man don’t do online insults. Am not going to degrade myself for an obvious imbecile who thinks like an infant without a mother.. You need help. Go sort yourself out bro.. PS.. MMM IS YOUR FATHER’S BUSINESS RIGHT.. ???…!!

  7. helele i talk am, no b 4 naija nw he dan run leave d participantz, xowie 4 una #kiakia#

  8. I talk am, una neva see anything……. Government should help us with large land for burial and more psychiatric hospitals across the states cuz e go happen……… Who talk

    • Fuck fake Liars nd bloggers who dey chop una data with fake news.. D nxt 1 is Buhari is dead.. Nd mumu ppl will believe.. Pls receive sense

  9. Lol. I invested in MMM whwn it was in Zim. And losr money. But im over it now. I hope those who were duped find solace and consolation. And strength to carry on.

  10. Fuck fake Liars nd bloggers who dey chop una data with fake news.. D nxt 1 is Buhari is dead.. Nd mumu ppl will believe.. Pls receive sense

  11. Every 1 here receive sense because mmm novelty match was played last week wen one of dos idiot bloggers first broke d news of him travelling.. Pls y re u guys taking paracetamol 4 sum 1 else’s headache.. Mtcheeew


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